Weed milk recipe

In addition to smoking it, one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to drink cannabis is by making marijuana milk. You will only need 2 or 3 ingredients depending on the recipe, but you can take it in many different ways. Do you like milk? ? If you are reading this article, the answer is probably yes. Now, think about the times you drink milk a day or use it in the kitchen, if you’re good at this task. Pretty much, right??

In fact, milk is one of the first ingredients we take when we get up, being many people who take it as the last meal in the night, thanks to the relaxing properties it has when we take warm. Not for nothing, our grandmothers did know their effects well. So imagine the effects and benefits that drinking a glass of warm milk may have on your health, but this time including marijuana in the recipe, of course, if you use one strain with relaxing effects too.

You think coffee and biscuit afternoons are too boring?? Then, sign up to shaking up this recipe by preparing that sponge cake with marijuana milk, made with a type of cannabis whose effects are physical and relaxing, for example..We recommend decarboxylate the cannabis before cooking, because although during the process of elaboration of the recipe, the marijuana can be decarboxylated, if we do it before we make sure that the decarboxylation is done correctly.

Do you realize all the possibilities that marijuana milk gives you? That’s why today we want to tell you about the marijuana milk recipe, so that you can make it at home, step by step , and in a simple way.


For the most basic and traditional recipe only two ingredients are needed:

  • full-fat milk
  • 2 grams of marijuana buds

Regarding the kitchen stuff, you’ll need a ladle and strainer, as well as a bottle with closure, or another similar container, if you intend to keep it in the fridge, although, on the conservation of marijuana milk I’ll make a little mention later. A wooden spoon will also do you good, if you don’t usually have it on hand.

Why should it be made from full-fat milk? Could it be made from skimmed or semi-skimmed milk? It could; but the problem is that the effect won’t be the same. The fact is that marijuana, when cooked, needs a little fat so that cannabinoids may be disolved into the milk and, therefore, you are able to note the effects of cannabis, otherwise, we will hardly notice them. So… the effect you’re expecting wouldn’t be the desired one.

As for the choice of cannabis buds, ideally you should choose a strain with a high percentage of THC, such as Y Griega,  Fucking Incredible Feminized or THC Bomb, which are some of the highest THC strains in the world.

One last note before proceeding the preparation of this marijuana milk recipe: We have indicated 2 grams of marijuana buds, but, in reality, this measure can vary depending on your tolerance or that of your guests. Therefore, you can also take the following measure as a reference: between 0.5 and 1 gram of marijuana per 250 mililiters of milk are enough to enjoy both the taste and effect of cannabis we are going to use.

weed milk recipe

How do you prepare marijuana milk step by step?

Now that you have everything you need, let’s go with the steps to make cannabis milk.

First, heat the full-fat milk in a saucepan, but without boiling. Once the milk is hot, add the grinded marijuana buds and leave them in the heating plate over medium power for an hour and a half, so that the cannabinoids get disolved. I recommend to stir the milk every so often with a wooden spoon, while controlling that the milk does not boil. Why to do that way? Because with boiling, the properties of cannabis could loss potency and, therefore, we would lose the desired effect. Regarding this first step, it is also recommended to use a grinder previosly instead of shredding the marijuana manually, in order to preserve as much as possible of the properties of your plant.

Secondly , once the indicated time has elapsed, you only have to pass the milk through a strainer, so that you may separate the pieces of cannabis plant that are left in the liquid.

And, ready! See how easy it is? Now it’s your turn!?

What effects does it produce?

As you know, the effects of smoked and ingested marijuana are completely different, with the effects of the second option being less stronger but longer. For this reason, it is always recommended to be cautious and wait, because although the effect of cannabis when smoked is almost immediate, that of the marijuana ingested may take up to an hour to start noticing, depending on our tolerance and the type of strain we have chosen. So this is the first point to keep in mind when using marijuana milk.

Of course, although I’m sure you know, it’s not recommended to mix it with alcohol or other drugs, because the effects could be harmful to your health or those of the people who are going to take your milk  with you. And, no doubt, it’s much better not to drive the car, motorcycle or bicycle, once you’ve taken the marijuana milk. You have multiple options to move from one place to another without driving!!

But how are the effects of marijuana milk? It all depends on the strain you have chosen. For example, if you use the buds of a Fucking Incredible Feminized, the effects will be relaxing and help you sleep. So if you’re one of those who have trouble falling asleep, this can be a good and pleasant option. In this case, besides, it would be very good for you if take it warm, so that you would notice in your body the effects that the full-fat milk has in your body.On the other hand, if you use the Session’s Weed Feminized strain, the effects will be psychoactive and cerebral on the one hand, so it is best not to use it for sleeping. And what if you’re looking for an inspiring and creative effect, or you need to increase your appetite?, I recommend you to use Quantum Kush, which in addition to having a high THC content, will bring you those benefits.

How to take marijuana milk?

Now you’ve got your marijuana milk in front of you. In addition to that interesting greenish color, which will distinguish it perfectly from the common milk (very important if you’re not the only one at home and put it in the fridge), smell great! So… who can resist its captivations??

Once again, and although it may look like a childishly simplicity, marijuana milk has to be taken in small amounts, so let’s see what effects it produces on your body. So don’t compare it to traditional milk.

Cold or warm? Actually, as you wish. There is nothing written on this point. In fact, and taking into account the recommendation of taking it in small quantities, the truth is that you may drink it alone, with cocoa, sugar, honey,  tea or whatever.

However, at this point and returning to what I promised you earlier, you have to take into account the point of milk preservation. If you are going to take it warm and directly, never mind  (well, wait until it gets warmy for your throat, yes….?), but if you want to take it cold, for example, before putting it in the fridge, and just like you do with any other foodstuff, wait until it cools outside. Once you reach the goal, think about taking it in the next 24-48 hours so it doesn’t spoil.

4 thoughts on “Weed milk recipe”

  1. I love cooking and I’m making ice cream for a while now (without ice cream machine), and I got some weed this days and I was going to do butter with it to put on brownie or whatever, but today I had a brilliant idea “What if I try to put the thc on the milk and make ice cream with that”. But I don’t know how to make weed milk (does it have a proper name like “cannabutter” ?). Anyone here has tried it?

    1. dewey_decibels

      An alcohol solution might be of interest to you! you can make it so strong that you don’t taste any alcohol. mix into anything. it also will last forever, i’ve had too much cannabutter go rancid in my fridge bc i made too much.

    2. I infuse milk for my smoothies sometimes that’s a great idea! Literally just simmer milk on low heat with cannabutter/oil for 20 mins or until it’s completely emulsified with the milk, as simple as that!

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