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Month: May 2022

Blue God Indica Weed

The Blue God Indica is a Cannabis Cup winner bred from God Blue and Blueberry, both of which have previously won accolades. This largely Indica hybrid has a fruity blueberry-like scent that is sweet and earthy in nature. When exhaled, the harsh, coughing-inducing smoke leaves an unpleasant berry aftertaste on the tongue. It placed fourth …

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Cherry Pie Weed

The Cherry Pie Sativa strain is a high-THC strain that produces euphoria, pleasure, and energy. It’s ideal for socializing since it allows you to be more creative. This cannabis has the same flavor as freshly baked cherry pies made by your mother. If you’d like to buy Cherry Pie Sativa use our weed delivery toronto …

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Ghost Bubba Indica Weed

Ghost Bubba Indica is a perplexing combination of two strains with unknown origins. Although the strain’s creators are unknown, it might be a cross between Ghost Bubba Indica and Ghost OG. Its indica dominance lends to a musty, citrus-scented smoke. THC levels in Ghost Bubba Indica have been measured at around 15% to 23 percent. …

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Old World Paki Kus

The Old World Paki Kush is a great example of a historical strain, dating back to the OG Kush’s beginnings. OG Kush is one of the most well-known cannabis strains in the world. If you’d like to buy Old World Paki Kush use our weed delivery toronto to your home. Even the most typical variety, …

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Appalachia Weed Strain

The Appalachia strain is a combination of two cannabis strains: an indica and a sativa. Users describe it as “lifting, energetic, and relaxing,” according to them. Its THC level is in the middle of today’s standards, yet its impacts can be overwhelming for beginners. Because to its hybrid background, Appalachia is simple to produce. If …

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Cherry Pie Strain

The Cherry Pie variety is a high-THC strain that creates euphoria, joy, and energy. It’s an excellent social strain or one to use while working on projects since it aids with creativity. This strain has the same deliciousness as those fresh tarts made by your mother. If you’d like to buy the Cherry Pie, use …

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Best Hybrid Strains

Sativa strains are crossed with indica strains to produce hybrid strains. In fact, most cannabis plants are hybrids because there are no pure sativa or indica individuals. In reality, the term “strains” is misleading, as even a single variety from a certain region of the world may develop in both sativa-like and indica-like ways depending …

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Hash Guide

Hash is a type of drug that’s similar to marijuana or ganja, although it isn’t the same. Hash, on the other hand, is concentrated and produced from trichomes that have been compressed or purify. This makes it more powerful than marijuana. Hash, on the other hand, is concentrated and produced from trichomes that have been …

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