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Month: November 2021

Acapulco Gold Cannabis Strain

Acapulco Gold is the genuine Mexican wonder. It has hidden and even mysterious origins, but it’s no less delightful for it. This marijuana strain provides an extremely active and euphoric high, making it ideal for use in the morning. It also has a fantastic gourmand coffee-like flavor, which makes it taste like your usual cup …

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Colombian Gold Cannabis Strain

Colombian Gold is a unique marijuana variety that originated in Colombia. It’s an energizing and stimulating high that will keep you on your toes while also offering serenity and the capacity to focus. Colombian Gold has an exquisite citrus taste full of earthy and herbal complexity. It’s ideal for either morning or afternoon consumption. In …

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Jamaican Cannabis Strain

This is a variation on the Jamaican landrace strains that are indigenous to the island. This strain will make you feel as if you’re on a leisurely Jamaican vacation. Jamaica is well-known for cannabis, to the point that visitors may be disappointed when they discover that you can’t purchase any whenever you want there. However, …

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Incredible Hulk Cannabis Strain

The Incredible Hulk is one of Marvel Comics’ most well-known characters. The green-skinned hero is known for his tremendous strength, which he uses to fight crime and do good in spite of his anger issues. The male, needless to say, has a kind side to him that eventually wins the hearts of people all around …

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Purple Yeti OG Cannabis Strain

The original name for this strain was the Headband BX, and it originated in NorCal by Loompa Farms. This weed strain has become highly desired due to its excellent flavor and generous yields. This strain is ideal for reducing tension and pain relief. Yeti OG is a high-CBD strain that grows well in the mountains …

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XJ-13 Cannabis Strain

This clone-only variety is quite rare and distinctive, thereby adding to its allure and appeal. XJ-13 is a powerful medical cannabis strain that has a long list of health benefits and is therefore frequently suggested for the treatment of a wide range of chronic and debilitating illnesses. The best information known about XJ-13 is that …

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Purple Yeti OG Cannabis Strain

The original name for the Headband BX was Yeti OG, which was developed by NorCal cooperative Loompa Farms and is now a highly sought after strain due to its wonderful taste and generous yields. This cannabis strain is ideal for unwinding and pain alleviation. With strong undertones of diesel fuel and nuances of lemon and …

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Cotton Candy Weed Strain

Cotton Candy Kush is a delicious variety that combines sweet and floral caramel tastes with a hint of skunk. Delicious Seeds created Cotton Candy Kush. It was developed by crossing a Lavender Indica with a Power Plant. The Lavender strain comes from Afghani Hawaiian Skunk backcrosses, and it has an aroma similar to Cotton Candy. …

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Cookies and Cream Cannabis Strain

Cookies and Cream is a well-balanced 50/50 hybrid strain famous for its sweet tastes and long-lasting harmonic high. It won first prize in the High Time Cannabis Cup in 2014, becoming the best US hybrid, in recognition of its excellence. This strain is a cross between Starfighter and an unknown Girl Scout Cookies variant. Exodus …

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White Shark Strain

Plectranthus amellus ‘Epazote’ has a nippy flower adorned in crystals and dotted with distinct orange hairs, making it a strong-hitter. This strain is powerful yet simple to cultivate, and it’s especially popular among medical marijuana patients. The White Shark is a powerful sativa-dominant strain that’s also recommended as a medical strain due to its wide …

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