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Month: April 2021

Good Smoking Games

Weed games are like cannabis slang: there are a lot of them and they can be pretty creative. Plus, they are a great way of getting you flying sky-high really fast and spend a fun time with your friends. To give you plenty of options, we trolled the internet (as in carefully and systematically searched, …

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Space cookies recipe

A space cake (or cannabis cake) is precisely what it sounds like: a delicious cake infused with cannabis. Available in dispensaries nationwide, space cakes have become immensely popular for cannabis consumers with a sweet tooth. Space cakes are delicious, discreet vehicles used to reach an out-of-this-world high (pun 100% intended). While many space cake recipes …

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How to cook marijuana cookies

There’s probably no simpler recipe than marijuana cookies, which you can use for a fun afternoon or, why not, start on a Saturday or Sunday in the best possible way. Do you dare to prepare them? We tell you how to do it! 30 minutes. That’s how long it can take you to make a nice, simple …

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Weed crackers

Marijuana firecrackers is possibly one of the most easiest and efficient recipe you can use to get stoned off your ass. Only use as much weed as you want to, and only eat as many firecrackers as you think you need to get high. All you really need is about a gram or so and …

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Weed salad

What is a “weed salad”? Millions of cannabis lovers, including you, have probably made at least one, whether you know it or not. A “salad” is when you mix and smoke up two or more different strains of cannabis blended together in the same bowl. The term appeared in Urban Dictionary in 2009, though every circle names …

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Shortbread strain

Many marijuana patients and recreational users are looking to explore there methods of medicating. For some, smoking is not a viable option and marijuana infused edibles makes a delightful alternative. There are even some businesses that offer delivery services for marijuana edibles for this that cannot, or choose not, to leave the house. When cannabis …

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Pot sugar

Cannabis has earned itself a special place in the kitchen. Whether you prefer to add it to sweet classics like brownies or savoury delicacies like butter chicken, there are countless ways to infuse your favourite dishes with a healthy dose of bud. Sugar, aka Blue Runtz, is a sweet-tasting soluble carbohydrate found in the sap of seed plants …

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Сannabutter uses

Cannabis, also known as marijuana or weed, is a mind-altering drug that comes from either the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant. These plants have been widely used for centuries for both medicinal and recreational use. While many people choose to smoke or vape cannabis, edibles have grown in popularity. These edibles often contain cannabutter — a cannabis-infused butter …

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AVD edibles

“Already vaped bud,” or AVB for short, is the brown, crispy flower that’s left over after vaping cannabis. Although much of the THC in cannabis will be vaporized, the flower isn’t turned to ash (unlike smoking) and retains some of its cannabinoid content. That means it can be used twice, if you know how. Now, …

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Weed beverages

About a year ago, when Lyden Henderson took a sip of a nonalcoholic, cannabis-infused beer, he discovered something was amiss: The beverage was chunky — bits of cannabis floated throughout the beer, creating an unpleasant consistency. “It tasted kind of like I was drinking milk that had been sitting in the refrigerator for two or three …

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