Ghost Bubba Indica

Ghost Bubba Indica is an unusual cross between two strains with unknown origins. While the strain’s original creators are unknown, it may be a cross between Ghost Bubba Indica and Ghost OG. Its high leans toward the indica side of the spectrum, and the flowers give off a musty, citrus-accented smoke. THC levels in Ghost Bubba Indica have been calculated at around 15% to 23%.

Ghost Bubba Indica is a one-of-a-kind, creatively invigorating and physically soothing hybrid strain with outstanding genetics. This plant has high THC levels that can knock you out in just a few puffs, so beginners should take it easy when getting their first taste.

Ghost Bubba Indica and Ghost OG are the parents of this Indica-dominant hybrid. This strain was created by combining Ghost Bubba Indica genes with those of Ghost OG, resulting in a powerful and body numbing hybrid plant.

The best part about Ghost Bubba Indica is that it has anti-inflammatory qualities and can help with chronic pain as well as any type of stress or mood problem. When consumed in higher doses, Ghost Bubba Indica might leave your couch locked and heavily sedated, but it is easily manageable when prepared correctly, therefore caution is advised at all times.


Ghost Bubba Indica, also known as Ghost Bubba Indica, is a powerful creativity and inspiration that has earned the reputation of being one of the most popular strains for artists seeking for fresh and creative ideas. This plant, however, will leave you feeling rather heavy on your body.

The Ghost Bubba Indica strain can provide you with a sense of euphoria. There is no delay in its appeal, so you will immediately notice how wonderful it makes you feel. This Indica-dominant plant may help you get back on track if your spirits are low and your motivation is gone.

Ghost Bubba Indica is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid. It provides a wonderful, long-lasting buzz that can last up to 10 hours when consumed in sufficient quantities. Ghost Bubba Indica has an uplifting, energetic and creative high that leaves users relaxed and invigorated for several hours. This strain is well known for being euphoric, promoting a positive mood while also allowing individuals to forget their problems.


Ghost Bubba Indica is a powerful-smelling plant that, once it enters a space, engulfs everyone inside with its strong diesel and sour fragrance. This bud is earthy and herbal in odor, making it an enjoyable experience from the first time you open it.


Earthy and sweet, Bubba Earth is an aromatic yet sugary plant that will be pungent on the initial draw. Its smoke will have a lavender aroma and a tea taste, and when you exhale, it will leave a pungent citrus aftertaste on your tongue, prompting you to lick your lips in anticipation for more.

Adverse Reaction

However, when grown correctly, this marijuana strain produces robust buds that have a distinct color and fragrance. Bubble Gum has some negative responses owing to its strength, and you are unlikely to be able to avoid a case of dry and itchy eyes when smoking this strain. This bud might cause a mild dizziness that lingers throughout the high.

Because its name implies, the ghost pepper hybrid is a cross between two different types of chillies. It’s possible that this plant-derived mix can irritate your mouth and cause you to drink more water than usual. In some individuals, Ghost Bubba Indica may induce paranoia, which might persist for hours in rare cases.


Kush is a medical strain that is often suggested to people who are looking for an alternative therapy for their chronic and severe depression. This strain is extremely uplifting and happy-inducing, which can be beneficial for individuals who find it difficult to remain optimistic on a daily basis.

Ghost Bubba Indica can also assist those who suffer from chronic stress or its symptoms. This Indica hybrid may help these patients think more clearly and live with less hurry, as well as give them the impression that they’re in control of their emotions. The regular usage of this strain might be beneficial to those who are suffering from chronic tiredness.

Ghost Bubba Indica is a potent pain reliever that has helped thousands of people living with chronic pain. Ghost Bubba Indica has made a significant impact on the treatment of many patients who suffer from persistent pain. This bud is especially beneficial for treating headaches, as well as backaches, migraine, muscular spasms, and even glaucoma.


Ghost Bubba Indica is simple to grow and can be handled by novices as long as they have the right temperatures and sunshine. This strain is extremely resistant to common diseases and mildew.

Flowering Time


Ghost Bubba Indica grown in an indoor setting can yield an estimated 14 ounces per square meter. This strain takes an average of about 8 to 9 weeks to finish flowering before it is ready to be harvested.


Ghost Bubba Indica is the best variety for beginners since it’s mild, with a sweet flavor reminiscent of bubblegum and earthy undertones. Bubblin’ Bob Livingston from Green Belly Green was kind enough to contribute this information regarding outdoor growth.

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