Blue God Indica

The Blue God Indica is a knockout cannabis strain created by crossing God Blue and Blueberry, two previous Cannabis Cup winners. This predominantly Indica hybrid has a sweet, blueberry-like scent with herbal and earthy undertones. The harsh, cough-inducing smoke leaves an unpleasant berry aftertaste on the tongue when exhaled. It took fourth place at Culture Toker’s Bowl in 2002.

The Blue God Indica plant is said to have been named after a Hindu deity. It astonishes customers with its high, which is both sedative and psychedelic in nature. It creeps into power gradually, enveloping the body in a psychedelically trippy sensation that runs from head to toes. The surrounding environment shifts focus, attention wanders away, and users fall into a pleasant, serene euphoria. Slow and deep breathing occurs as muscles and joints relax; the mind gets stoned. Users rave about watching trippy movies, listening to music or simply getting quiet before falling asleep.

Blue God Indica marijuana is renowned for its therapeutic benefits, with a typical THC concentration of around 20%. It’s effective in relieving even severe pains, aiding in the treatment of depression, stress, anxiety, and paranoia. It’s indicated to be useful in the treatment of migraines and arthritis when nausea and headaches are taken into account. These short and bushy Indica plants produce tiny seeds that may be obtained online.

We think that its name is simply a combination of its parents’ names. Could there, on the other hand, be a god-ordained explanation for this?

The color blue is linked to the deity, as well. It would appear that no other god has a distinctive hue or hue of blue like Lord Shiva’s. His hair and beard are likewise bluish-gray in color. The eyes have a slight shade of bluish-green around them, giving it an attractive appearance. The Blue God Indica strain offers effects that are just as alluring as the deity.

Blue God Indica has a long and illustrious history. It’s one of the rare strains with the same heritage as Blue God Indica does. Both of its parents have won awards, which experts consider to be among the finest in the world. In fact, both were past winners of High Times’ Cannabis Cup Indica category. The 2004 winner in the Indica section was God Bud, another of its parents. In 2000, Blueberry was recognized as being the overall best strain.

The Blue God Indica Indica was created as a result of crossing these two well-known strains. Although it has yet to equal the accomplishments of its parents, it did well in the 2002 Culture Toker’s Bowl.


Blue God Indica is an Indica strain and as such, its effects are physical. Even so, it does deliver a mild mental high. One of such effects is feeling euphoric and in some cases, even a tingling sensation.

The mild mental high is soon taken over by a numbing physical high as it creeps into the body. Because of this, users feel a wave of relaxation washing over the body. In no time at all, most users also start to feel sleepy.

Blue God Indica comes with divine powers so users should never underestimate its potency. Doing so leaves one overwhelmed, stoned, and in a couch-lock.


This strain has a pungent odor. From its lineage, it has also taken the delightful scent of its parents. As such, its earthy scent comes with the sweet fruity smell of blueberry and an herbal undertone.


A great smelling strain must come with great tastes. Not all strains do, but Blue God Indica does. A sweet and fruity blueberry taste dominates and makes it delicious to the taste buds of users.

Adverse reactions

Never piss off the gods or they could cast lightning to strike the offenders. Fortunately, Blue God Indica is one of the nicest deities around so it does not come with much concern for negative reactions. It does cause users to experience dry mouth and eyes.

As for other concerns, there are a few including dizziness and headaches, as well as feeling a little more paranoid. In most cases, these reactions are a result of overusing or using beyond one’s own tolerance level. Blue God Indica is a potent strain and novice users may want to start off with another strain or use this one in small amounts each time.


Besides giving recreational users the most relaxing experience, this strain is also beneficial to medical marijuana users. One of the top reasons for its use is in helping patients reduce the symptoms of pains and aches. Feeling relaxed, it also follows that it helps in reducing stress.

Feeling completely relaxed and stress-free, users at this point become conducive to sleeping. For this reason, Insomniacs would appreciate its ability to induce sleepiness.

There are also reports where some users feel hungry. On one hand, it does seem to help those who need help with stimulating their appetite. But on the other hand, it seems like it is going to be a struggle to get up and find food, not after one is feeling nice and comfy with the couch or the bed.


Having the choice of growing marijuana is good. Even better is to get going and planting one or two. Like many cannabis strains, Blue God Indica thrives well in both an outdoor or indoor environment, using soil or hydroponics. Of course, we recommend using hydroponics to reduce flowering time. At any rate, even if planted outdoors, it prefers a Mediterranean-like climate or warmer.

Blue God Indica has large dense buds which can take on more purple hues as it matures. A good way to induce the purple hue is to move the plant to a cooler environment just before it starts its flowering stage. As for experience, this strain is considered easy to grow, so it can be the perfect cannabis for first-timers in planting marijuana.



Blue God Indica promises an abundant yield per square meter so as long as it is taken care of well. Like a typical Indica, it has a short flowering time that could be as early as 8 weeks. By then, picking around 14 to 18 ounces is a great reward for weeks of nurturing.


As for growing it outdoors, keep in mind Blue God Indica can reach up to 12 feet. Assuming that is not a problem, then it should be ready for harvest in the first couple of weeks of October. It is possible that each plant could yield at least 18 ounces.

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