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What Are the Benefits of Cannabis Honey?

Honey, hi! The possibilities are endless for this versatile cannabis infusion. Use it in lieu of other types of sweetener by incorporating it into your favourite sweet and savoury dishes (think: honey oat muffins, chocolate avocado mousse, smoothies, and more), or just simply stir the sweet liquid gold into a cup of tea or drizzle over a cheeseboard.

Note: Homemade edibles are very difficult to accurately dose. This guide will give you some tips for more precise dosing, but all DIY cannabis cooks should be aware that there’s no way to guarantee the potency or homogeneity of their batch.

Chicken soup is made by dragging a dead chicken through a pot of boiling water. At least, that’s what my father concluded after eating a particularly watered-down version. From what I understand, cannabis honey results from a similar process. After flying over a cannabis plant, honey bees make cannabis honey, right? Close encounters of the THC kind.

Cannabis honey seems to be a hot topic these days. But seriously, does such a thing even exist? In fact, cannabis is a wind-pollinated plant. Most wind-pollinated species do not produce nectar simply because they don’t need to. Nectar production is an energy-expensive adaptation that lures pollinators, but if you don’t need pollinators, nectar production is pointless.

The power of a trade name

However, honey bees can collect pollen from cannabis, and some of that pollen can easily find its way into a batch of honey. I suppose someone could conclude that honey containing cannabis pollen is cannabis honey. Following that philosophy, honey containing corn pollen could be called corn honey.

Many people call their marijuana products cannahoney, but CannaHoney is a US registered trademark. Much to the company’s credit, they describe their product like this, “CannaHoney is all-natural, unprocessed wildflower honey made by honey bees who have collected nectar from various “wild” flowers.” How can you argue with that?

The resin collectors

Claims by others are a little more difficult to swallow. The most famous proponent lives in France and claims to have trained his bees to “collect the psychoactive resin from pot plants” and he shows a video of honey bees madly collecting something from a cannabis flower. (Sorry, the article “Marijuana Laced-Honey: The Bees Don’t Catch a Buzz, but Can You?” is not linked here.)

My questions are twofold. First, why does he think the bees are collecting resin and not pollen? And second, even if they are collecting resin, why does he think they will put it in honey? Bees use resin to make propolis, not honey. In any case, the FDA defines honey as being made from the nectar of flowers, not the resin.

What does “all natural” really mean?

Every now and again someone writes to me wanting to know the proper pheromone to use for attracting honey bees to pot plants. Now, if this is how they get all those frantic workers to poke at a pot flower, no wonder the videos are so compelling. Worse, the proponents of cannabis honey call it an “all natural” product. I fail to see which part of training bees or luring them with pheromone is all natural.

In truth, I have nothing against marijuana. In fact, I don’t believe the government has any business regulating the ownership of plants. On the other hand, I don’t believe in forcing unnatural processes. If honey bees are not interested in your stupid pot plants, then leave them alone. Enough already.

While honey alone is very nurturing, given that it’s a natural form of cough syrup, energy source, and aid for diabetes, cannabis honey has quite a few benefits you might not know about. First and foremost, cannabis honey is a blend of marijuana, or cannabis plants, infused with honey, which can then be administered either recreationally or medicinally. Coined “cannahoney,” this simultaneously edible and drinkable blend of two healthy, natural ingredients has additional qualities that set it apart from practically all other rival cannabis blends.

Keeping this in mind, it’s not so hard to see how the benefits of cannabis honey are innumerable in number thanks to the healing properties of honey alone. I’m not just talking about stuff like boosting memory, cannabis honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, heals wounds, even possibly suppresses influenza, or ebola. In addition to mixing it with your favorite cup of hot tea, honey can be enhanced, per say. Infusing honey and cannabis can have some lasting effects on both your body and mind going into the future; these are the benefits of cannabis honey. Elizabeth Vernon is the go-to on raising bees and likewise infusing this potent form of aid; whether it be necessary ingredients and enriching qualities, to the process of breeding and the story behind this natural delicatessen, she’s got all the good info you may need.

It’s written in history.

weed honey

Practices of infusion have been recorded since prehistory. That’s correct, both Egyptians and Eastern European sects used forms of infused honey and cannabis during ritualistic practices in order to receive their deity in a more personal and individualistic manner.

While a good majority of us today would most likely want it only for medical or recreational purposes, cannabis honey can be greatly beneficial in a number of different connotations other than just health alone.

Although you won’t be utilizing the true nature-made honey that Vernon has in her various creations, you should still try to buy the most organic honey variant available. This is where the best cooking accessories for making cannabutter come in handy, if that’s how you intend to make them.

The actual process of infusion is really simple and there are so many different videos online it’s almost impossible to narrow it down into one set formula. If you want a quality checklist and tutorial, follow the one by Magical Honey. The pros say to use a tincture with the honey, which is probably the best route, but traditionally there are innumerable combinations, as previous iterations involved different additions, like spices, fat, and coconut oil.

It’s helping people.

Learning the process of infusion and gaining a deeper insight of the industry isn’t something to be frowned upon when trying to grasp this sweet new form of edible. By practicing these ancient forms of bodily and mental health infusions utilizing marijuana and honey, one can begin to see the endless bounds so provided by the plant. It may have garnered a bad reputation sense the rise in drug culture has only worsened, but legalized medical marijuana could very much save lives.

Keeping this in mind, as we consistently bring these two natural entities together, the further our knowledge grows of what’s inside of them, what makes them tick. You see, understanding the benefits of cannabis honey is at the literal core of why people like Vernon and other beehive enthusiasts continue to stress, and openly.

Various Positive Health Aspects

As I said in the introduction, pure honey itself — the good stuff extracted from bees — can practically cure anything, whether it be an actual wound or diabetes. This type of utter versatility and mainstreamed properties won’t always get a chance to be tested. It’s likely fusing marijuana with honey could potentially engineer a breakthrough, not only in the medical world, but science altogether.

For something as seemingly mundane and ill-represented as this fine delicatessen, how could such a store still be riled up all over the country? Of course, it’s money, plus mismatched conditions between different states, expounded even further by a few possible constitutional amendments. Cannahoney could very well be our ticket into the future of advanced medical practices.

Illness and Disease Prevention

Coming from a friend of multiple substance abusers, knowing that one simple mix of honey, whether dropped in your tear or simply eaten as if off a sandwich, can only make balancing one’s life a simplistic breeze. Can weed end the heroin epidemic?

Specifically in regards to addiction, cannahoney itself can reduce dependencies one may have with other, more dangerous narcotics. Instead of potentially overdosing or causing serious harm to others, recovering addicts can find ways of making cannabis infused honey a route to full blown recovery!

Close Affinity to Nature

While so many different people in power want to criticize it and blame it for a multitude of other unrelated things, cannabis infused honey is still one of the safest and most natural forms of hallucinogenic highs.

It’s much healthier than smoking marijuana, which could potentially lead to both gum and lung cancer if over abused. Instead, drink tea with a little cannahoney stirred in. It can lead to a sharper, clearer, and more attentive mind the more one gets used to the infusion.

Extreme Versatility

weed honey

Due to its longevity on our world, in addition to the vast uncertainties that still surround the overall end results, it’s safe to say that cannahoney really does help you in many different ways; the key to this is opening that spiritual side and tapping into hope.

Having somehow spanned nearly over 3,000 years in age, the infusion of marijuana and honey isn’t just your typical butter mix, or blunt rolling endeavor. It takes patience, and a special eye for both nature and the medical probabilities cannahoney could potentially rectify.

Absolutely Harmless

None of this honey infusion utilizes the more harmful effects most tend to associate with the plant. Since you’re ingesting it, your body will feel energized and grounded. It’s safe for all ages, genders, and even species, since even other plants tend to use this natural infusion.

Medical marijuana is intended to aid any number of individuals in pain, whether it be physical or mental. Cannabis honey could be a safer alternative going into the future.

It’s the road ahead.

If tested in a more controlled environment, and when the legalization of marijuana begins to shift, cannabis honey can be a safer alternative to smoking and could be used for medical purposes in a wide range of possibilities.

2 thoughts on “What Are the Benefits of Cannabis Honey?”

  1. Why not stuff some hybrids into a jar containing honey and let nature take its course. Honey has the capablities to extract all its goodness from the Cannabis. It may take a long period to do so but in the long haul it will be more effective.

  2. I use cannabis honey almost daily in my drinks, on fruits and mixed with yogurts or on toast. It contains THC, yes. It looks just like regular honey but sometimes its a darker hue of yellow/golden honey tones. It’s delicious and tastes just like normal honey only slightly herby and earthy. It’s a great alternative to smoking if I have a stomach ache, feel nauseous or if I’m in a place where I cant smoke or simply because I don’t feel like smoking but still want to feel high. It’s also a great way to relieve pain, aid sleep or trigger my appetite to ensure I eat an evening meal.

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