How to Make Cannabis Syrup: the Best Recipe

This recipe will show you how to make cannabis syrup for your personal use or as a gift. Cannabis syrup is an excellent way to medicate without smoking and it can be used in many different ways. Check out the instructions below for how to make cannabis syrup!

What is cannabis syrup?

Cannabis syrup is a cannabis extract that has been diluted in water and sugar. It’s a great way to medicate without smoking, it can be used in many different ways including baking or adding as part of your coffee.

cannabis syrup recipe

Cannabis Syrup is considered a healthy alternative to THC and CBD. It’s made from fresh cannabis flowers, pure cane sugar, water, and alcohol (optional). The syrup can be used in many ways including as a sweetener or an additive for drinks or recipes.

How to make cannabis syrup

– 500 grams of sugar

– 600 ml water

– 28 grams of cannabis

To make cannabis syrup, first, start with a large pot of water and add in the sugar. Once it’s mixed well you’ll want to bring it to a simmer on your stovetop over low heat. Next, pour the decarboxylated cannabis into the mix and cover for at least an hour or until all liquid is absorbed by the plant material

Now remove from heat and strain mixture through cheesecloth or nut milk bag (these are both great options) for cleanup before pouring back into the original container. It should be stored in the fridge between uses due to its propensity to mold easily if left too long at room temperature!

What does cannabis syrup taste like?

Cannabis syrup has no particular flavor so people tend to put it in other beverages that have a flavor, like coffee or tea.

Cannabis syrup effects

As cannabis has a noticeable effect on the mind, it can be difficult to know how it will affect you alone. Generally speaking, people who are new or inexperienced with cannabis should start by taking only small doses of cannabis syrup that they administer orally – so no more than an ounce at first

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How long does cannabis syrup last?

The syrup lasts about three months when stored correctly and kept refrigerated between uses!

Recipes for using cannabis syrup 

– Coffee: Add cannabis syrup to coffee and stir in. Optionally add milk for a latte effect.

– Smoothie: Add cannabis syrup to a smoothie and enjoy.

– Yogurt: Add some yogurt with cannabis syrup or just stir it in – like any other fruit flavor!

– Hot chocolate: Heat some milk, pour it over your favorite hot cocoa mix or powder, then top with cannabis syrup!

– Tea: Pour boiling water over tea leaves of choice (green, black), let steep between three and five minutes before adding cannabis syrup to taste. This is especially great for late-night use when you don’t want the caffeine from regular tea.

cannabis syrup recipe

– Cocktails: Use our cannabis syrup as an ice cube recipe or any other fruity concoction that needs sweetening such as lemonade or smoothies!

Side effects of using cannabis syrup 

Side effects of cannabis syrup: There are no side effects to consuming cannabis syrup.

Long-term use and risks associated with it: Marijuana is not a physically addictive substance, but you may experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop using marijuana after prolonged periods of regular use. If used chronically over an extended period, the drug can lead to reduced cognitive ability in some people as well as increased anxiety or depression. Heavy users who quit taking marijuana cold turkey have reported experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms such as cravings for the drug, sleeplessness, mood swings, and irritability which last from one week up to three months depending on how long they had been chronic users before quitting. Anyone considering stopping their cannabis use must seek professional assistance including therapy and other treatment options.

What can you do to help someone who is experiencing cannabis withdrawal symptoms?

– Talk with them about their plan for quitting, and encourage them not to go it alone

– Provide a list of resources that are available in the community such as support groups or counseling services

– Encourage healthy lifestyle changes such as eating well, practicing mindfulness exercises, getting plenty of rest and exercise; these will all help manage stress levels that may have contributed to heavy cannabis use.

– Offer to do an activity together, or provide them with a list of activities they can try on their own.

– Help them find other sources of pleasure and accomplishment.

Each person will experience cannabis withdrawal differently depending on many different factors such as how long they have used cannabis; the amount typically consumed each day; what type of cannabis was being used (e.g., edibles versus smoking); whether it is smoked, vaped, or ingested through another means; if there are additional substances present in addition to cannabis that is contributing to cravings and anxiety levels

The range of possible symptoms experienced by those experiencing early abstinence from chronic use includes difficulty sleeping, appetite loss, weight loss or gain, sweating/chills/goose.


It’s easy to purchase cannabis syrup from dispensaries, but it’s more economical and fun to make your own. This recipe is a great way for anyone looking for a healthier alternative or who would like the opportunity to experiment with different strains. For best results, use high-quality ingredients (e.g., organic sugar), follow the steps closely, and don’t rush through any of them! We hope this article has provided you with all the information needed on how to make cannabis syrup at home using our tried and true methods that have been proven over time by countless customers. If there are other questions we can answer about making delicious cannabis syrups in bulk or anything else related to CBD oil products please contact us at the email below.

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