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Winter is officially here, and it’s time to get warm, toasty and mellow as temperatures plunge. Enter marijuana tea — like a regular herbal blend, but infused with cannabis. When brewed properly in a spot where marijuana is legal, weed tea can be delicious and effective.

How to use cannabutter to brew marijuana tea

Making marijuana tea isn’t just pouring hot water over marijuana leaves or flowers, however. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive ingredient in weed, has a minimal presence in the leaves. The flowers, or buds, also won’t disperse much THC throughout the tea because THC has a very low solubility in water. You need a solvent to effectively infuse the THC in tea. 

Cannabutter, a butter-based mixture infused with THC and other cannabinoids, is often used in marijuana edibles, and it’s just as helpful in tea. Once a batch of cannabutter is whipped up, it’s just a matter of adding it to a tea bag and letting the water brew the mixture. 

Marijuana tea recipes

Once you have a batch of cannabutter prepared, you can make a variety of marijuana-infused snacks within minutes. In this case, you’ll be using it for tea.

Scoop a teaspoon of cannabutter into a tea cup, add a tea bag of your choosing and pour hot water on top. Let the cannabutter fully dissolve throughout the mixture, and then remove the tea bag. Feel free to add milk, honey, cinnamon or any other ingredients to achieve your preferred taste.

Here’s a simple recipe, courtesy of Medical Jane:

Gather the ingredients, which are two sticks of butter, .5 ounces of cannabis, and two cups of water. The cannabis can be raw or ground, but it should be fresh off the plant.

Where to buy marijuana tea

Of course, if you live in a state that has legalized marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, you could try your hand at a cannabis tea shop. Dispensaries and cafes are opening around the country as marijuana law loosens. 

Marijuana tea effects and highs

Regardless of where you consume weed tea, you should be aware of the effects. Similarly to edibles, marijuana-infused teas take longer than smoke inhalation to feel its impact. 

Typically, users report an onset of effects around 30-90 minutes, but it varies on tolerance, metabolism and a number of other factors. Additionally, the high experienced from drinking weed tea is much more relaxed and mellow. You’re unlikely to feel the anxiety-ridden “stoned” feeling smokers sometimes complain about.

You should be all set to enjoy of cup of weed tea now. It’ll keep your warm and hopefully pretty happy as well. Cheers. 

Weed tea is an ancient, time-honored, sacred, and highly effective traditional medicine for many different purposes in many different cultures across the globe. Weed tea can be made in a number of different ways depending on the desired effects.

This post will present you with some weed tea historical anthropology, a small dash of cannabis tea chemistry, and five different yet straightforward weed tea recipes to help you create the perfect cup of pot tea for your lifestyle.

cannabutter tea bag

Weed Tea History From Around The World

Weed tea is one of the world’s oldest medicines. In fact, there is a mountain of proof that cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years across huge geographical areas.

Four of the world’s oldest civilizations—China, Egypt, India, and the Caribbean—all used cannabis to treat illnesses and diseases. Let’s have a closer look at each culture and how weed was used.

Weed Tea Recipes

cannabutter tea bag

Raw Chinese and Jamaican-style herbal cannabis tea is one of the easiest ways to experience the miraculous long-term medicinal benefits of non-psychoactive THCA as a dietary supplement from raw marijuana without getting too high off of it.

We highly recommend juicing your raw cannabis cola buds directly into mouthwatering juices and smoothies if you want to get your THCA without getting high at all. We suggest boiling any leftover stems, leaves, or shake you may have into a tea that delivers a relaxing, mellow, mildly sedative body high without too much cerebral euphoria in order to get all the cannabinoids you possibly can from your plants.

  1. Cut, crush, and grind about half a gram of cannabis stems, leaves, and/or buds as thoroughly as you can for a single serving of mild herbal medicinal cannabis tea.
  2. Spoon your ground cannabis into a metal tea ball or pack it into a folded coffee filter.
  3. Place the tea ball or coffee filter into a mug.
  4. Bring some water to a low boil. The low boil keeps your cannabis from decarboxylating and turning from THCA to THC.
  5. Pour the hot water into the glass with your ground cannabis and steep for five minutes. You can adjust the steeping time to make your tea as weak or as strong as your tastes dictate.
  6. Serve your cannabis tea in a mug along with a blend of your favorite regular tea and condiments for flavor. Avoid adding milk or cream to keep your tea less psychoactive.

As tea goes, some experts swear by the fact that the more contact the water has with the tea material, the better. These experts claim that using a tea bag, tea ball, or coffee filter interferes with the steeping process and can affect the final flavor of the tea. We don’t know about all that, but their idea does hold water (pun intended).

To really get the full effect and flavor of the tea, they suggest pouring the hot water directly on to the plant matter. Steep as usual and then pour the tea through a strainer to separate out the plant matter.

We place our ground plant matter in a two-cup Pyrex measuring cup for steeping and then pour the finished tea through a metal mesh tea strainer into the mug from which we’re going to drink.

Weed tea is a much quicker way to catch the same long lasting 11 Hydroxy THC body buzz you get from edibles. A half a gram is typically all you need to feel long lasting relief kick in about 45 to 90 minutes after you finish your tea.

  1. Grind up half a gram of high-quality cannabis buds. You can also include any leftover stems and leaves — there are still trace amounts (up to 1%) of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids in that shake.
  2. Mix your cannabis grounds with just enough butter — about half a gram — to keep them completely coated. Try to avoid saturating the grounds. Just a nice surface layer will suffice.
  3. Add the mixture to a metal tea ball, coffee filter, or an emptied tea bag. You can also try the direct steeping method and then strain away the plant matter when you’re finished.
  4. Place the tea material in a pan with 1-2 cups (8-16 ounces) of water. Later, you can adjust the amount of water to fit your tastes. Keep in mind that some of the water will evaporate during the boiling process, so you might want to start with a bit more water than you want to drink.
  5. Simmer the mixture on medium-high stovetop heat at a low boil for 30 minutes to decarboxylate the cannabis. Keep an eye on the mixture and add a bit more water if the level gets low.

Turn the heat off, let your weed tea cool down, and add any extra tea or flavoring you may desire. We like to mix this weed tea with our favorite regular tea and a bit of honey for a tasty afternoon (or anytime) treat.

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  1. I love tea but was hesitant in trying this but it taste great I use it at night time when I want to relax before bed, and this definitely helps with that, I like my tea a little stronger in general so I leave my tea bag in while drinking it I find it helps with the strength of the thc as well and by the end of my cup I am ready for bed, I sleep soundly and feel great in the morning.

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