Space Cake

Space Cake, also known as “Space Age Cake,” is a potent hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing GSC Forum Cut Cookies with Snow Lotus. Space Cake offers a creamy flavor profile you expect from a cookies strain, backed up by bright notes of fruit and berries. In terms of effects, Space Cake produces an uplifting high that leaves you wondering if your feet are touching the ground. According to growers, this strain takes the famous GSS to soaring new heights by increasing both yield and trichome production thanks to the healthy Snow Lotus male. Space Cake was originally bred by Bodhi Seeds. You can buy marijuana for pizza using weed mobile.

About this Hybrid Strain

Space Cake, originally bred by Bodhi Seeds, The strain, dubbed “Space Queen,” combines the genetics of GSC and Snow Lotus to create an out-of-this-world type that fans claim sends your thoughts to the moon. This marijuana strain is said to elevate your mood and relieve stress while sugar-coating it like icing on a cake, according to reviewers.

Consumers have praised the aroma and reported feeling more reflective while relaxing throughout their entire bodies. Space Cake is high in myrcene, a terpename that many people believe helps them relax. Users recommend consuming this bud in the evenings or at night since it tends to sedate as the high wears off. THC levels range between 18 and 20 percent, with higher CBD percentages, suggesting that it may aid in soothing pains and aches throughout the body, particularly in muscular tissues and joints.

The high is nicely balanced between its sativa and indica effects. Consumers have expressed to expect a relaxing, contemplative experience which may enhance conversation, video games, or movies, so long as you don’t overdo it by ingesting too much and becoming too drowsy.

Expect to be greeted by a spicy yet sweet aroma with the faint undertone of cookies, which is testament to its genetic heritage, when you crack open your package of Space Cake. Users have reported that this strain can occasionally induce dry eyes or a dry mouth, so keep your fluids up and have some eye drops on hand, especially if you’re going out.

The Space Cake high is quite nostalgic in nature, as it makes for a lovely smoke to share amongst friends. It’ll have you dreaming of better days when you could be more laid back with your buddies, sharing a few joints and not having a care in the world. The high begins with a lifting sensation that’ll leave you on cloud nine and send your mood to brand new heights. This sensation spreads and evolves, teetering between deep relaxation and euphoric energy for quite some time.

Your body will soon be feeling heavy, and your eyes may start to close from the strain’s sedative effects. Before long, however, your mind will relax and sink into a state of near-sedation that can only be described as intoxicated. In this new condition, you’ll feel half foggy and directionless, but too calm to care about it at all. You may find yourself nodding off as the strain has been known to relax even the most stressed people into a state of near-sedation. Thankfully, Space Cake’s long-lasting effects won’t leave you drowsy when you sober up later, making it an excellent choice for a midafternoon smoke.

All About Space Cake Marijuana Strain

The growers at Bodhi Seeds successfully crossed a well-known delicious Girl Scout Cookies with the Snow Lotus reach strain, resulting in Space Cake. The flavor profile of Space Cake is similar to that of Girl Scout Cookies as a result of this cross. It’s sweet and creamy, with fruity and berry notes, and a light dirtiness.

This 65/35 Indica based cannabis is made for the evenings with friends. It won’t give you focus and lots of energy, but it is very socializing and creative instead. Consumers describe the Space Cakes’s high as euphoric, talkative and happy. It is both cerebral and body buzzing. Users claim that it makes the mind that relaxed and creative that they feel like flying. The lifting sensation is usually followed by sedation and calming the mind.

Dark ideas, sadness, and tension are all relieved by the strain. It has a high profile of myrcene, which is said to have relaxing effects.

Space Cake cannabis high is potent with the THC levels of around 19% THC. It is the right choice for advanced smokers, and the beginners may use it minding the dosage. Consumers report it to be a perfect strain for daytime use.

Grow information

Space Cake is a GSC Forum cross that has been crossed with Snow Lotus. Space Cake may be grown both indoors and outside, and it takes 9 weeks to bloom. Because there are no seeds for Space Cake, would-be growers will need to collect clippings from existing plants or clones in order to start their own growth cycle.


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