Shortbread strain

Many marijuana patients and recreational users are looking to explore there methods of medicating. For some, smoking is not a viable option and marijuana infused edibles makes a delightful alternative. There are even some businesses that offer delivery services for marijuana edibles for this that cannot, or choose not, to leave the house.

When cannabis is ingested via an edible, it is first digested, absorbed and then enters the blood stream. This method cuts out any unwanted tar or carcinogens that unfortunately could come with smoking cannabis. Medicating with cannabis in the edible form offers a more discreet way to medicate and it also offers a long lasting effect in comparison to smoking marijuana.

shortbread strain

If you are using marijuana for the first time then it is recommended to start off with a low dose, approximately 10-15 mg of the active cannabonoids. Following this test drive you will know whether to increase the dosage, lower it, or keep it as is. Through trial and error you will find what is the right ratio of cannabanoids with each different edible.

Edible marijuana can be in a healthy form, or it can take on the form of a comfort food- like a shortbread cookie. The following recipe contains three simple steps to get you on your way to eating yourself high.

There is nothing quite like a shortbread cookie that melts in your mouth with the first bite, except of course.

There are a few extraction tools on the market you could use, or you could use the following equipment:

  • Heatproof container
  • Spoon (metal)
  • Thermometer
  • Cheese cloth for straining
  • Pan with a thick bottom

Now that you have all the gear and ingredients, this is how to put it together.

Put the pan on a medium heat, if the heat is too high you run the risk of burning the butter. Allow the butter to begin foaming; at this point the milk fat should be separating from the butter. Skim off the milk fat from the butter. Pour the butter from the pan through the cheese cloth into your container. This process allows as much of the milk fat to be separated from the butter as possible. Wipe the pan out and pour the butter back into the cleaned pan. Attach the thermometer to the pan (avoid contact with the bottom of the pan) and bring the butter back up to a temperature of 250C. As the butter is heating again scoop off the milk fat with your spoon. It is imperative that the temperature does not exceed 250C. The aim is to make your butter into clarified butter, and then place the dried, finely chop marijuana in the butter. The aim here is to decarboxylate the marijuana so keep a constant eye on the butter mixture to avoid overheating. Set a timer for 27 minute but if the butter ceases to bubble then the mixture is ready. Once the timer is up or the butter is ready then remove from heat and strain the mixture (through metal strainer not the cheesecloth) into a container. Allow the butter to stand until it has solidified once again.

shortbread strain

The recipe includes three steps. In the first step you will make high potency clarified butter with an absolutely new method.THC is decarboxylated and extracted into clarified butter oil yielding the highest potency for the Cannabis Infused Chocolate and Marijuana Shortbread Cookies. For the cannabis butter you’ll require.


  • 3 and ½ grams high grade ground marijuana flowers
  • 2 sticks or 1 cup of unsalted butter

Kitchen equipment:

  • You can use either the five piece extraction tool kit


  • Thick bottom pan
  • Wire strainer
  • Metal spoon
  • Candid Thermometer
  • Cheese cloth
  • Heatproof container


Place the heavy bottomed pan over medium heat. Cube up the butter and place it in the pan. Once it foams skim off the milk fat. Take the pan off the heat and pour the melted butter through 4 layers of the cheese cloth into a heat resistant container. Strain the butter to remove as much milk fat as possible.  Clean the heavy bottomed pan before pouring back the butter into it. Attach the candid kitchen thermometer into the pan without touching the bottom and place the strained butter back on heat till the temperature reaches 250°C. Keep heating skimping off the milk fat that forms with a spoon till it is clear. Make sure the temperature does not go beyond 250°C by taking off the pan from the heat if required.  Once it is clarified fully and is no longer cloudy mix in the marijuana. Keep the heat is steady and stir with metal spoon. This will give you head high effects because of the decarboxylation.  Monitor it even if you have set the timer for 27 minutes for incase the butter stops bubbling then you know the marijuana butter is ready as it has decarboxylated. Remove from heat and strain through a metal strainer into a container. It will be rich warm amber brown. Allow the butter to stand at room temperature till it solidifies.

Short Bread chocolate Cookies


  • 8 Tablespoon Canna butter
  • 1cup flour
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla bean extract
  • ¼ cup confectionery sugar
  • ½ cup sweet chocolate chips

Kitchen equipment

  • Oven
  • 2 medium Mixing bowls
  • Hand mixer
  • Metal spoon
  • Plastic wrap
  • Butter paper
  • Biscuit tray
  • 2 inch cookie cutter
  • Double boiler
  • Spoon

Set aside two tablespoons of the marijuana butter for the chocolate sauce. Place the flour and salt in a mixing bowl, sift and set aside.

In another mixing bowl place the remaining canna butter and whisk at high speed with hand mixer till light and fluffy.Color lightens as air is whipped into it. Now add the powdered sugar and mix at medium speed till combined thoroughly. Next add pure vanilla bean extract and continue to beat. Add one cup of flour and mix with the spoon first so it doesn’t fly out and then beat with the hand mixer till it begins to crumble. When you continue to beat it will become soft. Once it becomes pliable, form into a ball and place on the plastic wrap. Roll it out into an 8 inch disc and put into the fridge for two hours till it is nice and chilled. After two hours remove the dough from the plastic wrap and roll it on a nicely floured surface with a floured rolling pin to about ¼ inch thickness. Now use the cookie cutter to cut out the cookies. You’ll get at least 15 cookies. Place the cookies on a tray and put in the refrigerator for another half hour

Preheat oven to 325°C. Place the cookies on a tray inside the oven and bake for 15 minutes till the edges begin to brown. Remove them and place on a wire cooling rack.

While they are cooling take a double boiler and place on the stove. Heat water in the pan bottom and place the chocolate chips and marijuana on the top pan. Stir well till the chocolate and butter are melted and mixed thoroughly. It will take about 10 minutes to make the sauce. Then remove from the heat and place aside. Now spread some powdered sugar on half the cooled cookies. Dip the remaining cookies into the chocolate sauce one by one and cool. If you have any sauce left over, pour it into candy moulds and you can have some chocolate candy too as bonus! Enjoy but make sure you don’t eat all in one go!

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  1. last time I did something similar the cookies were insanely potent, 1/4 a cookie was good for me and I have a very high tolerance, once claimed edibles don’t get me high lol

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