Purple Yeti OG Cannabis Strain

The original name for the Headband BX was Yeti OG, which was developed by NorCal cooperative Loompa Farms and is now a highly sought after strain due to its wonderful taste and generous yields. This cannabis strain is ideal for unwinding and pain alleviation. With strong undertones of diesel fuel and nuances of lemon and pine, Yeti OG is a favorite among aficionados of flavorful marijuana.

All About Yeti OG

The strain formerly known as the Headband BX is a highly coveted variety that has become a must-have on many cannabis enthusiasts’ bucket lists. This indica-dominant bud was developed by NorCal Collective (Loompa Farms) to combine high THC levels with high CBD levels without knocking you out entirely.

Fans of this powerful strain appreciate its high THC levels, which average around 20%, but what makes it a go-getter strain like no other is the fact that it has a CBD content of 3% and above. This creates an ultra relaxing experience with a moderately cerebral high to match. Nugs have a very fragrant grassy aroma that is only overshadowed by their incredibly smooth tastes. These light notes make it a very pleasant smoke and therefore very easy to like. The orange hairs and thick covering of sparkling trichomes go well with the rich green hue.

The high from Yeti OG is one-of-a-kind, and it’s advised that you try this strain only if you’ve already smoked lots of other strains. This bud is most frequently found in Northern California, but it is becoming more popular outside of the state, with a unique beginning that surrounds the crown of your head (hence its previous name, Headband) and leaves you believing that you haven’t smoked enough. Don’t trust your instincts on this one – it takes a long time to kick in, but it will eventually. Once the pressure has dropped, you’ll begin to feel a surge of euphoria and arousal without raising your heart rate or giving you racing thoughts. The body high is deep and consistent due to the indica properties. It will make you smile, but weighted feeling.

This strain is well-known for its calming effects, making it perfect for combating chronic pain and headaches while providing users with the breath of fresh air they desire. Try this bud an hour before bed to treat insomnia. Try this in a slightly lower dose if you’re suffering from mood issues such as sadness or anxiety. Novice users should be careful since this strain is best suited for intermediate to experienced smokers because it can easily get away from you. Although the effects aren’t as powerful as the name implies, they are nonetheless quite strong.

If you’ve ever wanted to attempt growing your own marijuana, but didn’t know where to start, Yeti OG is a wonderful place to begin. This is mostly an easy grow, though some say that intermediates have a greater yield. The Yeti OG strain thrives in light to warm climates and has an indoor/outdoor growth cycle of 8 to 9 weeks.

The Yeti OG is a super simple smoke that will make you feel fantastic and wanting more. If you’re in the region of its origin, this one’s a must-try since it offers creamy tastes and smooth effects. Give this one a shot if you want to try a newly dubbed connoisseur strain before it becomes increasingly rare and disappears back into the Northern California forest.

Breeders Info

The Yeti OG (also known as Headband BX) is a mostly indica strain from Loompa Farms that may be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. The THC-rich variety from Loompas, the Yeti OG, was never offered in feminized seed form.

This magnificent breed began with the well-known Loompa Headband, also known as the Underdawg, to those familiar with the Loompa Farms Underdawg in California Dispensaries. She was crossed with a climatized breed that had been worked in the Northern California mountains and had been adapted to a more northerly climate. The Original objective was to preserve as many OG features as possible while still providing a plant that could be cultivated in a more northern environment and completed on time before the rains and freezes arrive. This breed has been developed for 6 generations and is ready to be introduced to international connoisseurs. She will show all of her original type characteristics, including smell and flavor as well as high potency, with the addition of stronger development features and vigor. With the inclusion of improved yield potentials in specific genotypes. This line hasn’t been IBL’ed on purpose. We’ve kept variation while eliminating the less appealing phenotypes. The biggest difference you’ll notice is in terms of yield and blooming forml

OG behaves differently indoors versus outdoors. OG generally grows up into squat bushes with many tops, but indoors, she matures more like a sativa in her development structure, stretching out. The Yeti is expected to grow taller and have longer and bigger colas packed with resin and finish by the middle of October, in general. One exciting discovery is that she has excellent mold and pest resistance outside, with the potential to be the final plants in your garden to exhibit mold.If you want to grow cannabis outdoors, it is critical for your plants to have these three characteristics. Even in the midst of autumn storms, she will remain like this. If your root zone is big enough, these plants will grow as large as you allow them. A lot depends on your style and technique for outdoor cultivation. It’s not uncommon to see multi-pound crops under appropriate circumstances with enough sunshine and a big enough root zone area (remember that yields are all dependent on root zone area and sun exposure). We’ve seen 5-10 pound plants in our gardens thanks to adequate light and large enough root zones (don’t expect these yields in 50 or 100 gallon pots; it should go without saying). Even modest pot sizes will support multi LB plants in bright sunshine. If you want to boost yield, be ready to use tall ladders and solid supports.

The indoor garden has also produced spectacular blooms. This breeding has kept the parentage’s reputation intact. There is a lot of resin production and flower development. Tests from a variety of authorized laboratories have shown that THC levels exceed 20% on average. The fragrance and quality of the high have improved in this line. In relation to the mother, there have been significant improvements in the structure as well as branch strength. Expect to discover plants that are extremely typical of Loompas Headband and cultivated correctly, and you will be very pleased. We are confident that you will be able to find keepers in a pack or two, depending on your germ ratios and male to female ratios. Flowering time for this breed is usually 9-10 weeks, as with other strains, but she can be harvested sooner if necessary. 10 weeks is the optimum period for top grade smoke for true connoisseurs. Although there are exceptions

When it comes to OG varietals, as experienced growers know, they can be difficult and fussy. This is true for the original mother. While this variety is simpler and more forgiving to cultivate, it still requires a loving touch and knowledge of OG type cultivars in order to maximize the genetic potential. It’s not a “plant it and forget about it till it grows” sort of plant. To realize its full potential, she demands attention and care on a daily basis.

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