Pizza and weed

The fact that marijuana and the munchies go together hand in hand (and belly and thighs), is well established: while it depends on strain to a point, weed has a well-earned reputation for leaving us starving.This isn’t a bad thing – people got to eat – but, for those of us watching our weight, the pounds add up; unfortunately, the calories consumed when high count the same as the ones consumed when sober, even if our counting isn’t quite as accurate. Adding to this problem are the kinds of things we crave when stoned. “I just smoked a bowl and could really go for some celery,” said no one ever. Rather, we’re all about the grease. We’re all about the cheese. We’re all about the pizza.

Why weed makes us hungry

But, why? Why does weed make us crave pizza? And why does it make us hungry in the first place? Per P.B.S., (yep, it’s not just for Mr. Rogers anymore!), cannabis doesn’t really make us hungry; instead, it makes us think we are.

Weed has a way of tricking the brain, telling the hypothalamus (the area of the brain that controls appetite)

to flip the switch, turning it from “full” to “I could eat a horse” (this is, perhaps, why people shouldn’t smoke near stables).  It doesn’t matter if you have dinner beforehand: pot will still do this. However, the hunger should be tamed a little – actual hunger plus fake hunger equals more hunger than either one alone.

The nose plays a role as well. Cannabis acts on the cannabinoid receptors in the olfactory bulb, making our foods smell intense. It’s this that helps explain, in part, why pizza is so popular – every slice already offers a strong, inviting aroma. Throw weed into the mix and nobody can eat just one……entire box.

Of course, convenience is also a major factor and pizza offers that in spades. We don’t even need to order a pie by phone – we can order online, use things like Alexa, and, apparently, order with Pizza Hut shoes (that exist for some strange reason). And we don’t need to get in the car and drive anywhere to celebrate cilantro and dote on artichoke: pizza, made to order, is only thirty minutes away.

Pizza’s Popularity

Another factor in pizza being among the munchie foods of choice has to do with its popularity: with or without weed, pizza is a favorite of nearly anyone who likes food (so anyone conscious). In fact, it’s one of the most often consumed foods in the United States. Nearly 13 percent of Americans eat pizza on any given day. This is enough to declare it the country’s favorite food. The people most likely to consume it are children and teenagers, while the least likely are the elderly.

It’s a staple of parties and get togethers, but it’s commonly turned to in times of stress as well.According poll pizza is the most popular comfort food and by a large margin. It’s even more popular than chocolateWhile pizza isn’t considered a health food, we could do much worse. It’s high in fat because of the cheese content (glorious, glorious cheese), but it also contains fiber, potassium, calcium, and lycopene.

The Invention of Pot Pizza

With marijuana growing in popularity and pizza already the big man on campus, merging the two makes sense even before the high calls us to order up a pie. A Massachusetts medical marijuana pharmacy, as reported created a cannabis-infused pizza for their patients who don’t like to smoke and aren’t keen on edibles.A cannabis company located in Boston. They’re infused with 125 milligrams of THC and sell for 38 dollars a pop. Customers can only buy two at any one time (with a valid medical card) and they’re not served in stores – they’re vacuum sealed and frozen.

The sauce technically contains the infusion, something the creators realized was advantageous.

The texture of tomato sauce allows for a consistent cannabis dose, a definite perk for those who use cannabis to medicate

The pizza is new – it’s only been selling for a few weeks –  but it’s proving popular. It’s also something other companies may try to emulate – after all, pizza infused with pot is an obvious combination.

Other Popular Munchie Foods

Pizza is always there for us – a phone call or online order away from showing up at our front door, warm and inviting. But it’s not the only food we rely on, especially when it comes to weed; there’s lots of dope dishes that we run to with open mouths and slightly reddened eyes.

According to m,any post, goPuff tracked 4/20 orders as a means to find out what people were ordering most when high.  This company is located in 16 major markets and

Pizza goes with the Super Bowl, and, for many, weed goes with pizza. So an Oregon marijuana dispensary is offering to deliver both this weekend.

Mt. Hood Cannabis Company, located on Mt. Hood in Oregon, will deliver a free cheese or pepperoni pizza with the purchase of any half-ounce of choice bud on Feb. 1-3. And if anything else, the offer could help dull the pain of watching yet another Super Bowl with the New England Patriots.

The pies will be provided by local eatery Mogul Mountain Pizza, the company said in a press release.

“We were enjoying a joint and a slice of Mogul Mountain pizza while brainstorming marketing opportunities for our dispensary when it hit us,” said Devin Houston, Mt. Hood Cannabis Company’s marketing director. “Let’s announce our new weed delivery with free pizza, and what better way to kick it off than over Super Bowl weekend? Our shop works really hard to engage the local business community and, since their pizza was so inspirational, partnering with Mogul Mountain Pizza was a no-brainer.

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  1. NappingWanderer

    When I’m stoned I will literally eat anything edible. No joke. My favorite though is a grilled pb&j sandwich. Instead of butter to get it all crispy, I use a very light spread of mayonnaise to grill it. So good.

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