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Marijuana Rice Crispy Treats

Marijuana Rice Crispy Treats

Cannabis rice crispy treats are one of the most simple, and quick, cannabis edibles to make at home. These can be made with any type of cereal, think Fruity Pebbles, Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, anything you desire. Cannabis-infused rice crispy treats can also be made with either cannabutter or cannabis coconut oil. Rice crispies (also known …

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how to make cereal bar edibles

Weed Rice Krispy Treats

We’re keeping our “childhood treats re-mixed into edibles” kick going with these adult Rice Krispie Treats! Stuffed with a generous layer of cannabis-infused caramel sauce made extra-thick with sweetened condensed milk, these sticky-gooey treats are sure to delight – and energize with uplifting cannabinoids and terpenes. The best part about this edible recipe is that …

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easy way to make shatter

Easy way to make shatter

Shatter is a variety of cannabis concentrate produced by processing plant materials with a solvent. Shatter is typically translucent, with colors ranging from bright, honeyed amber to a darker yellow shade similar to olive oil. It’s one of the many dabbable forms BHO can take. While shatter may seem consistent visually, the physical texture of …

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marijuana shatter how to make

Marijuana shatter: how to make?

Growing your own cannabis plants provides you with plenty of opportunities to use every bit of the harvested material. Yep, it’s true, buds are not the only part of cannabis that can be turned into weed-infused products. In fact, you may use different parts of the marijuana plant to produce a wide range of such …

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Marijuana brownies

Marijuana brownies

Pot brownies have been synonymous with edibles for as long as anyone can remember. Everyone who regularly eats edibles has probably had a weed brownie at some point. As it turns out, there’s a long and fascinating history behind these pot brownies. Read on to find out how the simple brownie became the de facto, …

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Weed burgers recipes

Weed burgers recipes

Cannabis-infused burgers are among the easiest and best-tasting dishes you can prepare when it comes to cooking with cannabis. Research has shown that eating too much meat is not healthy, so it is a good idea to focus on using less, but high-quality meat. If you would prefer to leave meat out of the equation, …

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How to make infused coffee?

How to make infused coffee?

For some people, this is the most enjoyable way to start or end the day, combining two products they love: coffee and cannabis; the science concludes that coffee consumption increases the desire to consume cannabis. We discuss how to prepare this combination and its effects, among other things. Many people prefer to medicate with cannabis …

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How to make weed coffee

How to make weed coffee?

The connection between cannabis and coffee is well-known by those who partake in the herb. Not only do the two flavors mix well, but the stimulating effects of caffeine can very nicely compliment the stoned effects of cannabis. When I’m too stoned, I can’t take in things when I read them. However, after a coffee, …

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Weed coffee

Weed coffee

If you’re anything like us, starting your morning with a regular cup of coffee is something you just can’t imagine life without. Once we discovered how that cup of coffee, along with a wake and bake session, impacted our productivity tenfold, we never looked back. This coffee-canna-connection might not be for everyone but we do …

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How to make marijuana tea

How to make marijuana tea?

First, it’s important to know that just like with weed coffee, there is no one right way to make a cup of cannabis tea. There are many different routes to take to arrive at the same destination: a delicious infused herbal, medicinal cannabis tea. Whether you’re making stem tea or a cannabis tisane (herbal tea), …

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