space cake strain

Space Cake Strain

Bodhi Seeds’ Space Cake crosses GSC Forum Cut and Snow Lotus. This strain takes the famous GSC to new heights by increasing yield and trichome production thanks to a healthy Snow Lotus male. The flavor profile is still in the cookies realm with creamy flavors that are accompanied by notes of fruit and berries. The potent …

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Marijuana cupcakes

Marijuana cupcakes

Every sweet tooth out there knows that an energizing sugar rush is not just a myth, and that a good dessert can significantly increase the level of the happiness hormone, endorphin, in one’s body. Luckily for us, some genius once decided to combine the pleasure of eating sweets with getting a high from cannabis, and …

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Cannabis Vodka

Cannabis Vodka

When you hear the words cannabis and vodka together, you know you’re in for a good time. While the suggested effect sounds quite pleasant, it’s important to note that what you’ll actually experience from cannabis vodka may not be what you expect, especially if you buy it pre-made. If you decide to make cannabis infused …

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cooking with shatter

Cooking with shatter

Cannabis extracts are becoming ever more popular with the legalization of cannabis in many U.S states and the entire country of Canada. If dabbing or vaping these extracts are out of the question, how can you consume these extracts? Learn how to make edibles with shatter with our easy decarbing and infusion methods, both of …

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how to make thc concentrate

How to make THC concentrate?

Cannabis extracts are a rapidly growing and complicated topic. There are so many types of extracts and methods of extraction that it would take a book to explain all of them in detail. But we can still give you some solid basics upon which you can build a respectable knowledge base for the subject.  What …

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Marijuana infused vodka recipe

Marijuana infused vodka recipe

Mixing a batch of cannabis vodka is a treat for people who know how to appreciate alcohol and weed together. For most, that combination is an unmitigated disaster, so partake at your own risk. The combination is easy to overdo and the potency becomes more dangerous than cool. However, for the old-school partaker and the …

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