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What is moonrocks

Cannabis flower nuggets are dipped in cannabis concentrates and rolled in kief. Moon rocks are frequently high in THC, with an average of more than 50%, and valued for their potency rather than flavor. Despite the fact that the phrase “cannabis caviar” is technically only applicable to buds drenched in concentrates but without another layer …

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Sunrock and Moonrock

The Sunrock and Moon Rocks argument is still going strong, and it’s generating a lot of buzz online. A lot of people are saying that they’ve discovered a way to double or treble THC levels utilizing particular procedures that have been popping up on social media lately. The Moon Rocks are a particularly beautiful variety …

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Sweet Diesel Sativa

This is a sweet and relaxing type of cannabis, with a nice flavor that is perfect for days off and peaceful nights. It has a distinct tangy, sour taste owing to its long history of attentive breeding. It’s unusual to come across anything other than a hybrid strain. Hybrid cannabis strains offer a number of …

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Biscotti Fuel Hybrid

Every day, new cannabis strains are created. Some of them are strong combinations of existing strains. Other types, on the other hand, are ground-breaking, delicious, and potent alternatives that their breeders are glad to claim. The Biscotti Fuel Hybrid strain is unquestionably a second type. Biscotti Fuel Hybrid Strain Effects Biscotti Fuel Hybrid starts moving …

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Ghost Bubba Indica

Ghost Bubba Indica is an unusual cross between two strains with unknown origins. While the strain’s original creators are unknown, it may be a cross between Ghost Bubba Indica and Ghost OG. Its high leans toward the indica side of the spectrum, and the flowers give off a musty, citrus-accented smoke. THC levels in Ghost …

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Blue God Indica

The Blue God Indica is a knockout cannabis strain created by crossing God Blue and Blueberry, two previous Cannabis Cup winners. This predominantly Indica hybrid has a sweet, blueberry-like scent with herbal and earthy undertones. The harsh, cough-inducing smoke leaves an unpleasant berry aftertaste on the tongue when exhaled. It took fourth place at Culture …

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Do CBD and Marijuana Help Ataxia?

Ataxia is a terrible illness that, owing to its incurable nature, has no cure. CBD has been observed to have anti-inflammatory qualities and can assist with some ataxia symptoms. So, what role does CBD play in treating sufferers of ataxia? Continue reading to learn more about this fascinating topic. If you’d like to buy the …

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