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thc wine

What is thc wine? Explained.

No beverage has escaped an infusion of cannabis — even wine. Infused wine has ancient roots, though today’s “weed wine” is a much different product than what may have been drunk in early Egypt. And the production of modern infused wines comes with unique challenges, as infrastructure is created alongside developing laws. Like other contemporary …

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glycerin tincture

Cannabis glycerin tincture

Cannabis tinctures were once as common as aspirin. Prior to 1937, rather than taking a pain-relieving pill, many people used a cannabis tincture to alleviate daily pain and discomfort. Now legal in 24 states, patients are once again finding tinctures to be a portable, discreet and effective way to relieve pain. Glycerin cannabis tincture is …

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easy way to make shatter

Easy way to make shatter

Shatter is a variety of cannabis concentrate produced by processing plant materials with a solvent. Shatter is typically translucent, with colors ranging from bright, honeyed amber to a darker yellow shade similar to olive oil. It’s one of the many dabbable forms BHO can take. While shatter may seem consistent visually, the physical texture of …

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marijuana shatter how to make

Marijuana shatter: how to make?

Growing your own cannabis plants provides you with plenty of opportunities to use every bit of the harvested material. Yep, it’s true, buds are not the only part of cannabis that can be turned into weed-infused products. In fact, you may use different parts of the marijuana plant to produce a wide range of such …

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How to decarboxylate weed

How to decarboxylate weed?

Are you interested in using cannabis to create homemade edibles, cannabis-infused oils, or healing topical salves? If so, it is very convenient and effective to start with cannabis that has been properly decarboxylated first. Wait, what? Don’t worry… It’s cool if you aren’t familiar with the term. This article will give you a quick run-down …

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Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread Cookies Strain

For an herbaceous twist on traditional Christmas cookies, this classy cannabis shortbread recipe strikes the perfect balance between sweet and savory. When baking cannabis-infused sugar cookies, I’ve always noticed how the grassy taste of herb stands out in such a simple recipe, even when covered in icing. Since discovering this savory shortbread recipe from Martha …

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Weed sugar uses

Weed sugar uses

Cannabis-infused sugar crystals are a new trend on the medical marijuana scene, expanding the options available with edible cannabis goods. While previous edibles used butter and oils made from cannabis, cannabis sugars provide another, sweeter option. What Are Cannabis Sugars? Cannabis sugars are sugar-like crystals made with cannabis products. This cannabis product essentially combines cannabis …

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Weed Wine

Weed Wine. Recipes. Instructions.

The wine industry is expanding horizons by infusing the wines with herbs and other flavors. In the beginning, the process was limited to the use of other alcohols, honey, mint, etc. to infuse the wine with. However, the vintners in California are now working hard to revive the cannabis-infused wines in the US for connoisseurs. …

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