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The joy of cannabis pizza is all in the oil. Learn how to make a pizza from scratch and top it with a delicious chili-infused canna-oil for the ultimate in weed edibles.

Pizza is world-renowned as one of the ultimate foods for weed lovers. It’s greasy, salty, cheesy, and downright delicious. Plus, you can get take-out delivered right to your door, which is perfect for when the couch-lock sets in and the munchies hit hard. You can buy marijuana for pizza using weed mobile.

But what if you reversed the usual order of events? Make a pizza to get high. Alternately, medicinal users might enjoy this tasty recipe as just one way to consume medical marijuana.

This pizza recipe is surprisingly low effort. It uses a cannabis-infused chili oil for drizzling on the top, transporting you right to Italy with the flavor but knocking your socks off with the cannabis hidden inside. It’s much cheaper than a take-out, and you can top it with absolutely anything you like.

Marijuana-Infused Pizza Recipe

It’s now time to make a pizza once you’ve got the oil ready. It’s not that difficult, so don’t be concerned if you’re not a culinary specialist. Choose your favorite toppings and let’s get started.

For the Pizza Base

·      5 cups all-purpose flour, plus extra for dusting

·      1 tsp salt

·      2 tbsp olive oil (or canna-oil if you prefer)

·      1 cup warm water

·      1 tsp white sugar

·     1 sachet (0.25oz) active dry yeast 

For the Sauce

·      1 tsp oregano or mixed Italian herbs

·      1 garlic clove, crushed

·      1 cup tomato passata 

For the Topping

·      Toppings of your choice

·      1 ball mozzarella cheese


1.  In a mixing basin, combine the all-purpose flour and salt. With a wooden spoon, make a hole in the center of the well. Set it aside.

2.  In a blender or food processor, combine the warm water, yeast, and sugar. Mix until the sugar and yeast are completely dissolved, then set aside for 10 minutes. When it’s got a thick consistency, the yeast is ready to use.

3.  Pour the yeast mixture into the flour bucket, then add the olive oil and pour in the liquid.

4.  Using either a wooden spoon or hands (clean), combine the ingredients until they form a sticky dough.

5.  Knead the mixture until it’s clean and elastic on a clean work surface. Cover with a damp, clean cloth and let it rise for 5-10 minutes.

6.  Meanwhile, in a saucepan, combine all of the tomato sauce ingredients and simmer until thickened as desired. Remove from the heat.

7.  Preheat the oven to 450˚F (230˚C).

8.  Divide in half and roll out into rounds onto separate baking sheets or pizza plates once again.

9.  Topping a pizza with passata sauce, shredded mozzarella, and your chosen toppings is the ideal way to finish it.

10.  Bake both pizzas for 10-15 minutes until the edges are golden brown.

Tips and common mistakes when making edibles 

There’s no need to be embarrassed about eating a whole pizza, but when it comes to edibles, you always want to go easy on the dosage. Perhaps the most frequent blunder is being impatient. Many individuals discover that after approximately 45 minutes, the edible isn’t working and believe they should take another dose — only to discover that they should have waited just a little longer.

The other big mistake is forgetting to decarboxylate your weed, which can leave you with a relatively expensive pizza that doesn’t get you high. 

What is decarboxylation? 

The word “decarboxylation” makes my head spin, and the process of heating cannabis to activate the chemicals in it is known as decarboxylation. In a nutshell, the cannabis plant does not contain much THC — it contains an altered version of the molecule that must be converted before it will have the desired impact.

And while the science of decarboxylation may be complicated, the process is quite easy. 

To make cannabis extracts, you’ll need a few things. For example, to extract THC from cannabis buds, chop the buds into slivers and put them in an oven set at 220-245°F for about 30-45 minutes.

Keep an eye on it to make sure it’s not burning, and you may also want to crack a window to get rid of the weed smell. 

BANGKOK — One of Thailand’s most well-known fast food restaurants has been advertising its “Crazy Happy Pizza,” an unusual product topped with a cannabis leaf, this month. It is lawful but will not make you high.

Recreational marijuana is still illegal in Thailand, and can earn you a fine and time in jail, even though drug laws have been liberalized in the past few years. Cannabis is regulated for medicinal use, and individuals are allowed to grow a small number of plants for their own consumption.

In December 2017, Thailand became the first country in Southeast Asia to remove particular parts and extracts of cannabis from its list of controlled drugs, and in February allowed them to be used in foodstuffs. The amount of THC contained in the CBD product must not exceed 0.2 percent of the entire weight, essentially eliminating any chance of being high.

According to Panusak, Crazy Happy Pizza has been available at all of The Pizza Company’s branches in Thailand since it launched there in January. Sales have been poor, according on Panusak. It cannot legally be advertised or sold to anyone under the age of 12, so it has several limitations. He thinks that when the company stops selling cannabis leaves as part of a sales campaign on Tuesday, it will have to discard roughly a fifth of what it acquired.

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