How to use cannabis residues after waking

How to reuse weed from the weype
The advantage of marijuana flower delivery before smoking is that there is no inhalation of the combustible substance. Cannabis does not turn into ash, which means healthier lungs and the possibility to increase the duration of its use.

While most of the THC in marijuana disappears when vaporized, especially if your viper or vaporizer has high convection heat, some cannabinoids remain and can be reused.

The simple and logical way is to prepare something delicious from the grass residues, giving you a relaxing and even a little buzz. Baking is a great idea with all kinds of marijuana. It masks the hemp flavour, and the advantages of cannabinoids are fully exploited.

Since cannabis has already gone through the evaporation process, it is ready for use in cooking.How to use cannabis residues after waking


1 Additive to food
2 Coffee and tea
3 Oils and capsules

Food additive
You can simply sprinkle any dish or snack with hemp residue. If you want to get rid of a strong odour, you can wrap marijuana in gauze and soak it in water for a few days or add it to foods with a stronger flavour. Peanut butter, Nutella and hot sauce are perfect for this.

Coffee and tea
Very popular are hemp infusions, which, if the right proportion will allow you to start the morning with pleasure. Tea and coffee have a strong enough aroma, but you can add cream and other sweeteners to disguise the taste of cannabis. Cannabis is added to the same place where the coffee is brewed.How to use cannabis residues after waking

For tea, cannabis is first added to the leaves and then brewed. In the production of drinks with cannabis, trial and error can be avoided; it takes some time to get used to the aroma. You may have to try different combinations in order to find the most suitable beverage for your taste.

Oils and capsules
With a certain skill, vaporized cannabis can be added to anything.How to use cannabis residues after waking

For example, it's not hard to cook with coconut. Mix the cannabis with coconut oil and cook it slowly for several hours, stirring occasionally to prevent the product from sticking.

Then strain the oil to get rid of the vegetable material. If you want to prepare capsules that can be carried around discreetly and at any time, you should buy empty gel capsules and fill them with cannabis.

The effect will only be felt after a while, but it is the easiest way to use the rest of the grass without fuss.

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