Marijuana edible recipes

The legalization of marijuana around the country has raised the profile for cannabis products beyond edible and into common acceptance. Beyond traditional pot brownies and cookies, alternatives include frozen fluid bases such as nut butter, guacamole, barbecue sauce, and even cheeses. Home-cooked marijuana edibles may be a more time-consuming endeavor, but they can also offer the user the ability to tailor their culinary experience.

marijuana edible recipes

Creating cannabis edibles is easy and fun. If you are interested in making your own infused concoctions, this guide will show you how to cook edibles at home, how to make staples like infused cannabutter and oils, and include some simple recipes that you might enjoy experimenting with.

What are edibles?

A cannabis edible is any food that has been given cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

For people who prefer not to smoke the Cannabis flower, an edible of some sort might be a good option. Examples can vary from chocolates, brownies, and cookies to gummies or tea or even hot sauce. The only thing you are limited by is your imagination!

How do you store edibles after baking?

You might wonder how long your homemade marijuana-infused food stays fresh. Similar to any other baked goods, they will have the same shelf life as non-marijuana-infused foods. You wouldn’t leave grandma’s chocolate chip cookies for a week on the kitchen counter, or let the chili cook for days. Just as these homemade edibles will spoil after a while, so too will newly-made cannabutter go stale or bad after some time.

To keep your weed edibles fresher, store them in a sealable bag or container so they stay preserved and tasty. For baked goods, you can even put them in the fridge to prolong their shelf life.

But don’t expect that you can eat a stale cookie to get high; it will taste bad, but some amount of THC will always be inside the baked good for up to six months. The main concern is whether the fresh baked goods go bad or develop mold.

Make sure that you keep cannabis edibles and other infused goodies out of the reach of children so they do not accidentally get into any trouble. Additionally, it may be a good idea to label your goods in case someone who isn’t expecting it decides to help themselves to some.

How to make cannabis chocolate?

Who loves chocolate? Put your hands up in the air! Almost everyone:) Let’s cook the easiest edible: chocolate weed.

The first thing you have to know is that you don’t need any special skills because the dish is available for experts, too.

Second, it will be the best way to try out cooking something with weed without a lot of time or effort but with a great result.


  • Dark chocolate or milk – 3 bars
  • Decarboxylated cannabis – 2 gr
  • Nuts, dried fruit, or other additions for the chocolate (optional)


  1. Melt the chocolate. To prevent burning, melt it in a microwave or heat-proof dish on top of boiling water.
  2. Add cannabis that has been decarboxylated into the chocolate and stir.
  3. When the mixture cools down, you can put it into a mold. If you want to add vanilla or dried fruits, do that now.
  4. Carefully ensure there are no air bubbles on the cake’s surface. Once this is done, place it in the fridge to cool.


Usually, we use different recipes such as cannabis oil or butter in our edibles. But with chocolate, there is also cocoa butter which means that we could put weed directly into it. As for weed chocolate dosage, roughly every ounce of weed contains 150 mg of THC, so in one bar it will be 100 mg of THC. Please don’t eat the entire dish as some people can’t take spicy foods. Eat a little bit more after an hour if you feel okay and need more to taste it.

How to store cannabis chocolate?

Edible weed chocolates should be wrapped in foil and stored somewhere cool with limited light exposure. Chocolate absorbs any smells around, so if you refrigerate or store it without covering, the chocolate will eventually develop a strange flavor.

Consuming chocolate is a healthy way to consume marijuana because it does not involve the lungs.

Besides, you can experiment with the taste to add nuts and aromas to make the chocolate with your preferences. Also, it is easy to make and will not require you to buy any special ingredients or equipment. As you can see, there are no products listed that need to be from a store. Chocolate may help with stress and weed increases its effects!

How to make cannabis tincture?

If we’re talking in general, the tincture is nothing more than a cannabis extract that is based on alcohol or glycerin. It was the first variant of using cannabis in medical practice before it was made illegal. It is easy to make weed iced tea using cold brew extract at home and it has a wide range of uses, especially for those who do not smoke.

marijuana edible recipes

One should note that food-grade liquids are best for extracting cannabis. For example, in the US Everclear or Bacardi 151 is good (they contain 75.5% and 76%, respectively, of alcohol), but glycerin can also be used for a non-alcoholic extractive.

Why it is sometimes better than other variants of using weed?

All the effects of tinctures are going away faster than any edibles: all the food with cannabis has “caught” THC in your fat cells, and your brain interacts with it for a longer time due to its base ingredients. Also, tinctures are difficult to feed in large amounts due to their unpleasant taste (comparing them with a delicious chocolate cake, for example). It is much easier to overdose on sweets, fried vegetables, and other pizzas than with tinctures.

What are weed tinctures used for?

Cannabis tinctures can be added to most types of food and drinks. For example, you can make gelatin bear candies with it, put some drops in your soup or salad dressing, juice, or ice cream. When you will understand the best dose for you, just choose the way how do you consume cannabis tincture and it will be possible to put the required weed tincture quantity to any of your favorite dishes.

Formula with weed and alcohol:

  • Light effect– 10 g of weed + 300 ml of alcohol
  • Medium effect – 10 g of weed + 200 ml of alco
  • Strong effect – 10 g of weed + 100 ml of alco


  • Decarboxylate cannabis
  • Everclear, vodka, brandy, or glycerine


  1. Grind the decarboxylate cannabis.
  2. Add it to a glass container like a jar.
  3. Put alcohol into the jar and close it.
  4. Leave the jar in a dark place from 2 weeks to several months. Shake the mixture every couple of days.
  5. Strain when it will be ready and put into a bottle.


Oral administration of tinctures is accomplished by holding the liquid under the tongue for a few seconds. As for cannabis tincture dosing, it is better to begin from 1-2 drops and after 1-2 hours you will understand if it is enough for you to feel high or not.

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