The health community says that dumping in the keyy concentrate vaping industry is aimed at young smokers.

Doctors at PSFC Ottawa, an Ottawa-based lung health advocate called "Smoke Free Vape Keyy", recently studied the prices of some starter kits for steaming that are sold in Weipshops and online.

They found that three of these manufacturers of Keyy concentrates, including Juul, have reduced their prices from 33% to 75% in recent months.

"This is worrisome because the lower the price, the higher the demand," commented Dr. Stuart Chrissman, a member of PSFC. The organization has found that in some Canadian wapeshops, the Juul starter kit is now sold for $29.99. When it went on the market in August 2018, it was 54 percent higher at $64.99.

Electronic cigarettes from other manufacturers have also experienced similar price reductions since they entered the market. Japan Tobacco's Logic Compact kit started selling in February 2018 at a price of $19.99, but since then the price has dropped to $10.99, a 45% drop.

Vype ePod

The biggest price reduction was the Vype Keyy device from British American Tobacco. When it appeared on the market in January this year, its price was $ 40. Currently, the Vype ePod is sold in some stores for only $10, including tax.

Stuart Krissman says that with such low prices, smoking teenagers simply can't help but be interested in this product. And he's sure that's what the manufacturers think, too.

"The hypothesis is that producers deliberately suffer losses in order to increase the popularity of their products, particularly among young people. Their goal is to expand their loyal customer base. By loyal, I mean addicts ... and lead to nicotine addiction for the younger generation," commented Chrisman. Japan Tobacco COncentrates International Canada said in a statement that stores set their own prices based on the manufacturer's recommendations and that there is a wide range of prices in the steaming market.

Whatever the price, in any case, it is crucial that teenagers do not have access to wiped goods.

Whatever the price, it's critical that teenagers don't have access to wipes anyway," said a Japan Tobacco Concentrates spokesman. "That's why we adhere to strict age checks, health warnings, every ingredient in the composition and presence of nicotine, and a ban on advertising images of recognizable products and tastes that attract teenagers. Not all owners of vaipshops use the bait of low prices. Sherman Brown, who runs the Keyy Concentrates in Cocuitlam, sets higher prices and asks for customer identification. He says cheap segment products can cause problems. "It causes various health problems because you buy cheaper products that can't guarantee quality," he said.

The government hopes to limit young people's enthusiasm for steaming by increasing the sales tax on products from 7% to 20%. The proposal, published by the Finance, Health and Education Ministries, will require the adoption of a law and will enter into force on 1 January 2020. If adopted, it will be the first tax increase in the industry in the world. 

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