Harvesting hemp

hybrid Canada or, more simply, hemp harvesting, is one of the most responsible, yet enjoyable and long-awaited moments for a grower. And if a person, by its inexperience, can assume that this procedure is fast and easy enough, it is worth emphasizing that it is far from being. However, having some theory, you can get good results in practice, even if you are a beginner. So what is cannabis harvester?

Determining the different stages of cannabis ripening and choosing the best moment to harvest (preliminary forecast);
By harvester we mean the whole complex of procedures related to the harvest of cones. It includes:
Entering the final stage of ripening and smoothly leading the plant to the end of its life cycle (correct final feeding, irrigation with clean water, drying the substrate, a period of total darkness, lowering the temperature);
Harvesting hemp

Direct cutting of the plant or branches from its main trunk (gradual removal as the plant matures is possible);
Further pruning of inflorescences and leaves (manicuring);
Quality slow drying u
nder optimal conditions (no light, temperature 18-25 degrees, air circulation and humidity 50-60%);
The drying process flows smoothly into conditioning, or "curing", which consists of several stages, after which the product reaches its best qualities and becomes fully ready for use and lon
g-term storage;A properly made harvester is the guarantee of a quality product with lots of psychoactive substances, pleasant taste and excellent medical qualities. Before you start harvesting, you need to prepare and take care of all the small details, the availability of working tools and the creation of an optimal environme
nt for drying and curing. The main condition for obtaining exquisitely fragrant bumps is that everything runs smoothly.
Preparing for Harvest
Very often, novice growers make mistakes before they start harvesting, for example by overfeeding cannabis with fertilizer until the very last days and forgetting to wash it. In the last few weeks of life, when large fan leaves begin to turn yellow and pistils (stigmas) become reddish and dry, plants need an intensive nitrogen-free potassium-phosphorus diet. Its oversupply at the final stage of maturation has a negative effect on the taste of the cones - the bitter taste of green remains.
Preparing to harvest hemp 
During the last week (2-3 days for hydroponics) it is recommended to give plants only water when watering. This is done so that all the nutrients in the soil as well as the stems and leaves stored in the tissues can be absorbed. In this case, the taste of the cones will be soft and pleasant, naturally under other conditions.
Tip: Many growers leave the plants without light and water at a lower temperature (15-18 degrees) and humidity (30-40%) for a day or two. Shock conditions stimulate resin production, which also improves the brightness of the aroma and flavour.
Harvesting hemp
Defining Harvest Time
Calculating the right moment for the harvester is crucial, as it will hide the strength and nature of the effect of marijuana. The following tips can be used to determine if marijuana is ready for harvesting:
Hemp Bloom Period
See Sidbank recommendations, Grover reports in ml on the back of the package. On average, the flowering period of the hemp in the passport is specified with an accuracy of one week, but this is in ideal conditions.
It is important to look more closely at the plants closer to the right period. In some cases, shrubs may bloom even earlier than the stated period, but more often they will mature a few weeks later.
Time for the plants to ripen
Darkening of the pistils (stigma) indicates ripening. When about half the pistils havehttps://www.leafly.com/strains/lists/category/indica  darkened, you can start harvestering. Perfect maturation is most often achieved at 70-80% of mature stigmas, but you can hold the plants until most of them have dried up. This way you can get a more relaxing cone effect. However, in many cases https://cfdfc.org/product-category/hybrid/, this reference point does not reflect the full picture, so you should take a closer look at the flowers.

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