How to make weed infused sugar

Cannabis sugar is the perfect way to liven up your favourite sweet treats. Here’s how to make it at home.  Cannabis has earned itself a special place in the kitchen. Whether you prefer to add it to sweet classics like brownies or savoury delicacies like butter chicken, there are countless ways to infuse your favourite dishes with a healthy dose of bud.

Until now, one of the most common ways to use weed in the kitchen was to incorporate infused butter or oil. But now, cannabis chefs have come up with a new way to cook with weed; cannabis sugar.

Here’s how to make it.

What is cannabis sugar all about?

Try cannabis sugar (canna-sugar) for a gentle, calming high. For example, add your sativa blend sugar to your morning coffee. Need help getting to sleep? Try a soothing night-cap with an indica tincture. Canna-sugar is typically used as a condiment, as opposed to a base ingredient like cannabis butter. However, for a more potent high, swap out your regular sugar with weed infused sugar in any dessert recipe. Additionally, if the recipe already uses cannabis oil or cannabis butter, add a dose of canna- sugar to elevate further.

What pairs well with cannabis infused sugar?

Cannabis infused sugar is a novel way to add a dash of cannabis to your desserts, coffees, and cannabis teas. However, THC sugar has many more uses. Excitingly, you can flavor your weed sugar by adding different ingredients. Throw in a vanilla stick, orange zest, or even coffee beans to the final product. Also, we suggest adding culinary grade flowers like lavender and rosebuds. This creates an exquisite flavor with cannabis tea!

How else can I use canna-sugar?

Interestingly, cannasugar can be used to make an exciting scrub. Use your scrub to exfoliate for healthy looking skin and pores. Add your infused sugar to your favorite face mask recipe and soak up the benefits of THC. Try adding your weed infused sweetness to a homemade lip balm. This sugar will lightly flavor the lip balm while adding a hint of sweetness to the mix.

Cooking with weed: some basics

Before we show you how to make cannabis sugar, it’s important to cover some basics on cooking with cannabis.

One of the most important steps to cooking with weed is decarboxylation. It basically involves baking weed at a low heat for roughly 35-40 minutes. This helps convert some of the THCA (basically an acidic, non-psychoactive compound found in live cannabis plant material) to THC, the active psychoactive compound that gets you stoned. After all, that’s why you’re here, right?

The most important factor for proper decarboxylation is heat. The heat essentially breaks down precursor THCA to THC. Whenever decarboxylating cannabis, make sure to keep your oven temperature at 120°C/250°F max. Any higher and you risk degrading THC and losing potency.

how to make weed infused sugar

Would you like to use some weed sugar to replace ordinary sugar in your tea or coffee? This simple recipe teaches you how to bond Green Dragon with sugar. Once the weed sugar is ready you can use it any which way you like. Add it to iced tea, hot tea, oatmeal, cereal or sprinkle it on sliced or cut fruit salad. You can also use it in place of granulated sugar. What’s best, you don’t need to be an exceptional chef to make weed sugar!

Let’s Get Cooking!

Your new THC sugar must be stored in a cool, dark, sealed container for long periods of time. Be sure to get your storage containers ready and allot for an appropriate space.
See our video and recipe below to learn how to make a tincture and cannabis infused sweetness.


  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • ½ cup Green Dragon with ‘Everclear’

Kitchen equipment:

  • Measuring cups
  • Spoons
  • Mixing bowl
  • Baking pan
  • Electric oven


Take one cup of granulated sugar and place it in a mixing bowl. Take half a cup of Green dragon made with ‘Everclear’ and pour it into the mixing bowl along with the sugar. Mix up the ingredients thoroughly. When they are mixed place the mixture in a baking bowl. The sugar may be a bit grainy. Spread the mixture evenly in the baking pan and smoothen it with a spoon.

Switch on your oven and turn the heat. Since ovens are alldifferent make sure the heat is at the lowest. You can keep the heat anywhere between 100° to below 200°.

how to make weed infused sugar

Place the baking bowl with the mixture in it inside the oven. Every 10 minutes remove the bowl from the oven and stir the mixture. Do this for one hour and after one hour you will have weed sugar that has a dry consistency. Remove from the oven and leave to cool. Pack it in an airtight container when cooled completely.


For this recipe you have to use only Green dragon with Everclear. If you use alcohol with lower alcohol content it will water down the sugar or you will need extra time to ensure that the alcohol has evaporated completely to get weed sugar with a dry consistency.

If you have followed instructions exactly, you will have a round layer of smooth weed sugar. In case the sugar is dry but clumpy place the sugar in a sieve and press it through with a metal spoon. This will give you sugar that has the right consistency. Store the sugar in an airtight sealed container. Use it as and when you feel the need to enjoy a bit of weed sugar!

You can also place spoonfuls of it in zip pouches to carry with you when you go out. Use the pouched serving sized Green dragon sugar to sweeten your tea and coffee at the office or when out with a friend. You could also keep a container on your desk for convenience of use.

This is a simple recipe but will give you the sugar that has the flavour you so desire to begin your morning in the right mood. Use it like ordinary sugar whenever you feel you’d like to have a taste of Green dragon sugar.

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  1. I like starting the day with a blunt and cup of joe. This would be the perfect addition to the wake n bake session. I’ll need to remember this when my plants finish. Thanks for the info.

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