How to make rice crispy edibles

How to make rice crispy edibles?

Even though we are all adults here, we all crave the comfort foods of our childhood from time to time. Honestly, who can resist the ooey-gooey goodness of melted marshmallow mixed with warm rice crispies — especially when they are infused with your favorite plant? Talk about an irresistible combination for nearly anyone but diabetics.

Dosing Considerations

Once your weed infused rice crispy treats are cooled and ready for consumption, you will first want to consider roughly how much cannabis is in an average dose (note: this will vary depending on how many individual portions you cut as well as potency of starting material). An average starting point for most first-time edible consumers is only 5-10mg. Calculating exactly how much THC is in your product is simply not possible at this time, but as long as you start low [small dose of 1-2 bites] and go slow [allow at least 90 minutes to feel the onset, and in some cases, it may take 2-6 hours to feel the full effect], you mitigate the chances of any negative experiences.

Making a good batch of weed infused rice crispy treats comes down to using high-quality ingredients and following a few simple directions. Use this helpful step-by-step guide to get started with your first batch of canna-crispies:

You Will Need…

How to make rice crispy edibles
  • 1 bag miniature marshmallows (use fruit flavored marshmallows to change it up)
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter (cannabis infused butter)
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil (cannabis infused coconut oil)

Note: You can choose to use both infused butter and coconut oil, or just use one or the other.

  • 5 cups crispy rice cereal (give or take)
  • ¼ teaspoon almond extract (try a raspberry or strawberry with fruit flavored marshmallows)
  • large pan
  • cookie sheet


  1. Spray bottom of cookie sheet with cooking spray (or parchment paper makes easier cleanup)
  2. In pan over medium heat, melt butter, infused oil and extract together
  3. Continue heating over medium heat and slowly add marshmallows to the mixture, stirring constantly to prevent scorching
  4. When the mixture is well blended (remember don’t overcook) remove from heat and immediately add cereal in small portions until the cereal is evenly covered (tip: coat your spoon with a little oil first)
  5. Spread out onto cookie sheet and press down with spoon into desired thickness
  6. Allow to cool and then cut into individual portions (15-20 servings)
  7. Chocolate lovers can drizzle canna-shell chocolate across the top before cooling

Cannabis-Infused Rice Krispies Treats

Quick and easy vegan edibles. These rice krispies treat are also great on-the-go.


  • 110 ( 1/2 cup ) canna-oil
  • 283 g ( 1 bag ) Vegan marshmallowes like Dandies
  • 250 g ( 5 cups ) vegan rice puff cereal like Nature’s Path


  • In a large saucepan, heat the oil over low heat.  
  • Add the vegan marshmallow to the saucepan, cover with a lid and let it melt slowly while stirring from time to time.
  • Add the rice cereal and stir until well coated. 
  • Press the mixture into a parchment paper covered  13 x 9x 2-inch pan and let it cool. 
  • Cut into 16 portions (4×4) and enjoy!


  • Store in an airtight container at room temperature.
  • Best eaten fresh.

Weed Rice Crispy Treats



  • 1 10 oz. bag of marshmallows
  • 6 cups Rice Krispies cereal (or similar “knock-off” brands)
  • 1 12 oz. bag of butterscotch pieces
  • 3 tbsp Cannabis-infused margarine


On an extremely low heat, melt your marijuana margarine in a large saucepan or pot. You will want to make sure that it is on very low heat so that you do not kill off the THC with too high of heat. Add the bag of marshmallows and mix it until the margarine and marshmallows are thoroughly blended. Once they are blended together well, remove from the heat. Quickly, while the mixture is still hot, add the cereal and stir until it is evenly dispersed throughout the mix. Now, mix in the butterscotch pieces, stirring thoroughly. Press your mixture into a greased baking pan and let chill for at least 45 minutes. After this time, you may cut the solidified mixture into whatever size pieces you please. Enjoy these tasty medicated snacks for a long-lasting, enjoyable effec

 Fruity Krispie Treats


  • 9 cups Fruity Pebbles Cereal (or any Pebbles flavor) 398g
  • 15 ounces mini marshmallows 426g
  • 8 tablespoons unsalted butter 113g
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 15ml


  • Line a 9×13-inch pan with foil and spray with nonstick cooking spray.
  • Melt the butter in a large pot over medium low heat. Add the marshmallows and stir until melted. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla extract.
  • Add cereal and stir to coat with the marshmallow mixture. Pour into pan. Press firmly to compact. Tip: spray wax paper with nonstick cooking spray so you can press without it sticking to your hands.
  • Let set until firm then slice into bars. Store in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Weed-Infused Rice Krispies Edibles

How to make rice crispy edibles


  • Stove top
  • Saucepan
  • Glass dish
  • Parchment Paper
  • Silicone Spatula
  • Measuring Cup


  • 1/4 cup Cannabis butter
  • 2 whole bags Marshmallows
  • 5 cups Rice Krispies Cereal


  • In a saucepan melt the cannabis butter over low heat.
  • Add in the marshmellows and stir until melted and blended together.
  • Add the rice krispies in. Stir until the cereal is completely coated and everything is sticky and gooey! Remove from the heat.
  • With a silcone spatula, press the mixture firmly and evenly into your parchment-lined glass pan.
  • Cover with a clena towel and let it cool for about 10 minutes or so – cut into squares.

Cannabis Rice Krispie Treats Are Deliciously Dank


  • 5-6 Cups Rice Krispie (Or Cocoa and/or Fruity Pebbles)
  • 4 Cups Marshmallows (Mini)
  • 1/2 Cup Cannabis-Infused Butter


  • 13” x 9” Casserole dish
  • Large saucepan
  • Cup


  • Alrighty, to kick things off, you’ll want to toss in that cannabis-infused butter of yours into that large saucepan. That pan should be over a trusted heat source, set on “Low.” Anything higher, and you run the chance of burning your bud-butter, which would render this entire recipe pointless. So, be sure to keep an eye on that heat setting.
  • After that butter has thoroughly melted, you may then add in your mini marshmallows. Once those are in there, do your best to stir up the contents as best you can. You’ll want that cannabis-infused butter to be evenly dispersed. Let these two ingredients cook together for a couple minutes. Don’t stop stirring, though. Keep that going the entire time.
  • Then, when that time period has elapsed, simply remove it from the heat. At this point, you can toss in your Rice Krispies (aka “The Stars of the Show”), and stir that up as best you can, too. You’ll know you are ready to move when all of those ingredients have mixed and mingled with one another as much as possible.
  • When you’re happy with how it looks, you can then use some butter to grease up that casserole dish of yours. This will ensure that the treats don’t stick to the dish. Once that step is complete, you can gradually pour in your potent saucepan contents. Tamp down the top as needed to achieve a somewhat even layer.
  • The only thing left to do at this point is to set it aside for a bit to cool, but once its achieved that desired density and consistency, you can slice up these Cannabis Rice Krispie Treats.


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  1. Might want to amend your Vegan adjustments – marshmallows typically contain animal-derived gelatin. You will need a glucose syrup or tapioca based alternative which sadly doesn’t melt or bind the way real marshmallows do.

  2. These rice crispy treats really are perfect. Easy to shape, absolutely delicious, best texture, doesn’t stick to your teeth like others. Perfect recipe.

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