How to make a quick edible weed

The two activities that have risen to prominence during this time of quarantine are smoking weed and cooking really good food at home. With increased awareness about respiratory health, the two are being combined with renewed gusto. However, a bar of constantly repetitive chocolate and candy diet can get dull, not to mention that the nearest recreational dispensary may be a long walk or drive. Fortunately, we don’t have to stop at the recreational dispensary every time. The best news is that there are many delicious edibles options available in stores around town. Cannabis butter is often made through the process of decarbing cannabis, and it could take hours to put everything together. Thankfully, we don’t have to deal with that nonsense when using Magic Butter Plus. If you have some flowers, creativity, and time to spare, making your own edibles may only take minutes.

Embrace honey sticks 

Among all the food trends and favorite dishes present in legal states, honey sticks are strikingly common. I’d venture to say that there’s at least one cannabis brand in every legalized state producing THC-infused honey sticks (which look like the candy sticks you enjoyed/dreaded as a kid). Numerous brands manufacture hemp-derived CBD but ensure that the manufacturer is transparent about lab results for their hemp ingredients. Drizzle on baked goods, oatmeal, a charcuterie board, or your afternoon tea.

how to make a quick edible weed

To extend the versatility of your simple syrup, make it by infusing sugar with herbs or fruit to create a one-of-a-kind flavor. To make hard iced tea, add equal parts sugar and boiling water (such as one cup of each) to a flask, then shake until the sugar is dissolved. You can use it right away or let it cool and keep it in the fridge for up to one week. It’ll be on hand to elevate any cold brew, sweet tea, cocktail, etc. with just a splash.

Make your own rosin for fresh-baked munchies

If you have a hair straightener, parchment paper, metal or glass poker, and some flowers, then you are ready to make your own potent 10-second hash oil that is perfect for making freshly baked goodies like double-strength chocolate chip cookies.

Step one: First, break a couple of decent-sized buds of cannabis and place them in parchment paper. Set the hair straightener to 200 degrees or the lowest setting if it doesn’t show the exact temperature.

Step two: Carefully place the parchment paper taco inside and apply firm pressure for about three to seven seconds. If you hear a little sizzle, that’s an indicator it is done!

Step three: Next, place the parchment paper on a cool surface to solidify for a moment and then scrape off the nug and remaining plant material. With your collection tool in hand, it’s time for painstaking, sticky scooping.

Step four: Roll cookie dough into balls, topping each with a small bit of the finished material from the parchment paper. Bake cookies as usual and enjoy with care! Acceptable dose ranges for the cannabis cookies may vary, but it is recommended to wait at least 1 hour before eating a second cookie. The first cookie should be approximately five to 10 mg in size; those inexperienced with marijuana edibles might want to start with half of that then work their way up.

Pro tip: If you want a cleaner finished product, try using a silkscreen and smaller particle filtering for plant material. Twenty-five to 37 microns if starting with kief or hash, and something larger like 90 microns for bud.

Don’t sleep on infused condiments

For lazy gourmands like us, there are brands such as Potli. They make hemp-infused complements including chili oil, which is made with a family recipe ($19 for three mini bottles), and cold-pressed olive oil ($45) that has 15 mg CBD per tablespoon each. Simply pick up a baguette and some hummus for an appetizer with CBD.

how to make a quick edible weed

Just take another hit and get weird with your current edibles

Have you finished an infused chocolate bar? Put the leftovers in a glass container and mix with coconut oil, microwaving for one minute to help disperse the melted oil. Microwave for another minute-ish and you’ll have made your own cannabis-infused chocolates! Do you know that pot brownie your neighbor gave you to take home, but forgot about? Break it up and crumble it over ice cream for an extra-special topping. Once you’re high, the possibilities are limitless.

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