White outgrowths at edibles canada firechews the tips of hemp inflorescences

edibles canada firechewsSusan Gress, owner of a small family owned cannabis farm, Vashon Velvet in Washington State, first noticed white outgrowths on the tips of hemp inflorescences when she began using special LED lamps for growing marijuana. Susan was puzzled by this phenomenon, so she invited several experts in cannabis cultivation.
She was first visited by Bob Montoya, an NW Leaf employee and photographer. When he started photographing these white tips, he was very surprised. Susan asked: "Is there something wrong with the plants? Are they damaged?" But Bob was at a loss. The only thing he could say was, "I've never seen anything like this before. They're trichomes on top of trichomes."
The second visitor was Dr. Ethan Russo, a renowned neurologist and psychopharmacologist actively involved in research on cannabis, its positive and harmful effects. After performing some manipulations, he concluded that the plants are perfectly healthy.
The other guests were also very surprised by what they had seen, but they confirmed Dr. Rousseau's conclusions. The question was asked: Is there anything special about these white growths on the tips of the marijuana inflorescences besides their appearance?
edibles canada firechewsWithout losing it, Susan decided to do some research on the white tips, the results of which surprised her. The concentration of THC and terpenes in them turned out to be much higher than in the green part of the inflorescences. At this point, she felt confident that the phenomenon edibles canada was not a problem. It's more of a breakthrough in cannabis cultivation. Susan decided to figure out why it happened.
And although after the first harvest research turned out that the plants are perfectly healthy, many envious people still sin on heat or light burns.
But this is very unlikely, because then other parts of the plant would have suffered. The shape of the leaves would have deformed, the leaves would have discoloured, and the inflorescences themselves would have died. They certainly wouldn't have become so white. In addition, many inflorescences in Vashon Velvet formed white tips away from the LEDs.
It is also worth remembering that LED lights are energy efficient, and therefore unable to produce much heat. They can be firechews easily raised and lowered to any height without fear of thermal burn damage to the lumps.
Susan Gress believes that white growths are a unique phenomenon when using special LED plant lamps. And although they do not grow further than the original bud sizes, they demonstrate the efficiency and benefits of LED systems. When switching to such lighting, she also noticed other potential advantages. The inter-nodule was practically not stretched out, which allowed the plant to form a lush structure with minimal growth. This advantage is also characteristic of any other plant that receives sufficient light energy.

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