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For some cannabis lovers there is simply nothing else which compares to the thrill of cannabis edibles. When you eat THC-containing snacks the high can seem to rise without limits. It’s a remarkably liberating and freeing experience. For some the pleasure experienced from a perfectly dosed edible is far more intense and enjoyable than a quick vape/smoke.

But get the edible dosage wrong and you can suffer the worst form of cannabis overconsumption – an experience from which there is no quick or easy escape. Edibles can offer both the best and the worst cannabis experiences depending on the amount you consume. So what does an edibles dosage chart look like and what’s a safe edible cannabis dosage for you?

Edibles THC dosing chart

To complicate our understanding of edible cannabis dosage, the effects we feel afterwards are not just related to the amount of THC (and other cannabinoids) present. The experience is also largely shaped by our own personal THC tolerance. It can also be shaped by the size and weight of an individual. A larger person may feel reduced effects from the same strength edible compared to a smaller person. Your own endocannabinoid system is unique to you, so are the gastro-intestinal factors which will also affect absorption of edibles THC.

What is the recommended dosage of an edible? Much depends on how easily you get stoned and how much THC you typically consume. That’s one of the main reasons why a ‘one size fits all’ cannabis edible dosage calculator is so hard to create. Average edible dosage varies quite significantly from one person to another.

An experienced cannabis user with a high tolerance may feel quite happy taking a cannabis edible with 100mg or more of THC. Many home growers harvest somewhat more cannabis than they need and may make cannabis concentrates such as cannabis oil from some of their crop. Some cannabis oil (also known as hash oil or Rick Simpson Oil) users can consume a gram or more of cannabis oil per day. Cannabis oil can contain around 60% THC, that means a 1g dose could deliver several hundred milligrams of THC. For the experienced recreational or medical cannabis user that is a heavy, but manageable dose.

edible calculator

Conversely, a novice cannabis user with little cannabis tolerance may find that a 1-2mg dose is a far more sensible starting point. After all, dosage levels can always be increased on a subsequent attempt if the THC dosage was too low. But if you consume an edible that is too powerful for you it can be a paranoid and uncomfortable experience which will subject you to several hours of discomfort.

One important piece of advice is to avoid continually snacking on cannabis edibles. It can take a couple of hours for the psychoactive effects of the edible to be felt. This time delay between consumption and effect has caused many inexperienced edible users to over consume. This is in complete contrast to vaping/smoking where the effects are felt within minutes. If you eat too many edibles too quickly you can end up exceeding your safe dose by the time all the edibles have taken effect. At that point there is little that can be done to reverse the damage other than wait for the effects to pass.

In summary, cannabis edibles offer the potential for exquisitely pleasurable experiences with long lasting blissful levels of enjoyment. But get the THC edible dosage wrong and you may find the experience is anything but pleasurable.

What are edible dosage rates in mg? The chart below gives a very rough idea of the types of doses that most people can relate to. But it’s worth adding that a minority of cannabis edible fans also enjoy super high THC doses closer to 1000mg.

How to calculate the right dosage for a homemade edible?

How to calculate dosage in an edible is the most important, and sometimes the most difficult task. Your own size and weight, as well as your cannabis tolerance, will all determine the best THC edible dosage for you. The golden rule of cannabis edibles is to start low on the first try. If you feel no effects (or minimal effects) then you can increase the THC edible dosage the next time. Remember, the worst and most reckless way to approach cannabis edibles is to start with high doses. Another common mistake is to not allow sufficient time for the first edible to take effect before consuming another. Allow around 3 hours after consuming an edible before considering another. And even then, do so with caution.

No edible dosage calculator exists which can factor in your size, THC tolerance, your endocannabinoid system and gastro-intestinal factors. That’s why any responsible cannabis edible user should start low and slowly increase their dosage.

Cannabis lovers that live in ‘legal’ areas such as USA/Canada can buy cannabis edibles from licensed retailers. There you can choose edibles ranging from 1mg to 1000mg. Most cannabis lovers tend to find their preferred THC edible dose to be in the range of 1-100mg. But some hard-core edible fans prefer to use very high doses of around (or even above) 1000mg. Often, such high doses can be delivered simply by swallowing capsules containing cannabis oil. But professionally cooked cakes, chocolates and pastries which contain THC can be absolutely delicious.

It’s worth saying that very high doses of THC in edibles only suits a small minority. For most people the experience might seem over-whelming, far from the relaxing experience it should be. Conversely, some people are ultra-sensitive to THC and find that 1-2mg doses are optimum for a soothing, relaxing time.

What happens if you mix CBD and THC together in an edible?

Some edible cannabis connoisseurs feel that the presence of CBD makes for a somewhat smoother experience. The high can feel more rounded and for some people it may feel less ‘edgy’ and more enjoyable. CBD edible dosage, just like THC, depends very much on the individual, their physiology and past cannabis use/experience. CBD isn’t psychoactive, so you don’t have to worry about the effects of getting ‘too high’ as you would with THC.

edible calculator

If you do want to add CBD to your edibles, CBD oil can be bought online or in a health store and is simply added in a controlled way to your edible recipe. Or you can buy yourself some CBD rich cannabis seeds and produce your own harvest which you can later convert into edibles.

With careful preparation you can compare the differing effects from gradually increased amounts of CBD in your edible. If you enjoy a 10mg THC edible, you may want to compare (on different days) the effects of taking varying amounts of CBD with it. Some people prefer a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC, but it varies from person to person.

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