Easiest way to make weed tea

Cannabis tea is a popular way to consume THC or CBD. Fortunately, creating weed tea uses a very similar process to making cannabis edibles. Just like any other weed edible recipe, you will need a base cannabis infusion to dose the tea.

In addition, when it comes to infusing your tea with herb, you’ll need to make sure that this warm weed beverage is effective. In this article, we will cover the best ways to make marijuana tea at home using a potent cannabis base.

How to make weed stem tea

Cannabis stem tea is another way to infuse your tea with weed. However, stems of the cannabis bud are not very high in THC. Therefore, you will need to collect a lot of stems to formulate this base infusion.

There are many other ways to create a marijuana infused tea. This weed tea provides the perfect route if you’re looking for a way to use your entire cannabis plant.

Tea made with cannabis sugar

This is a super easy and favorite way to make THC tea. Simply make tea like you always would, and add a dash of cannabis sugar to your cup. Weed infused sugar is made by combining a THC tincture and white crystal sugar. You must air dry the combination overnight. Once you have a fair amount of THC sugar ready, you add it into tea, coffee, cocktails or any cannabis edible that needs sweetening.

If you do not like sugar in your tea, you can simply add cannabis tincture to your warm weed beverage. Using a tincture in your hot drink will ensure that everything will dissolve nicely while allowing the THC to spread evenly throughout your beverage. Additionally, this is a much better alternative to using cannabis butter or oil in your tea.

Cannabis Tea made with THC oil powder

Another way to make THC infused tea is by creating cannabis oil powder. You can even create tea bags in advance and use them at a later time. Cannabis oil powder is a more bio-available option to dosing weed recipes. Excitingly, weed powder will even allow the effect THC to kick in faster than a standard infusion.

To dose a plain tea bag, simply add a teaspoon of your favorite herbals and a teaspoon of THC powder to an empty sachet. When you are making a cup of tea, insert the tea bag into hot water. The cannabis powder that your tea bag contains will dissolve when it touches the liquid, thusly infusing your tea with cannabis.

easiest way to make weed tea

Easiest Way to Make Cannabis Tea

So as someone who had never made cannabis tea before I thought so much of the advice on the interwebs is super convoluted with all kinds of big words (pre-decarboxylation). I’m telling you now there is no need for any of that!

I’m a guy who likes to make things simple, so I tried my own recipe and the proof is in the pudding so to speak; it shot me straight into space so here it is;

Add weed, water and fat into pot and boil for 30 minutes; pour into a cup and spice up if necessary. Enjoy your trip.

  1. Add ingredients into the pot. Weed; around 0.5 grams should be enough. Water; A bit more than what you’re going to drink because some of it is going to vaporize away. And lastly, a small chunk of some kind of fat to help the digestion. I recommend some heat resistant kind like butter, coconut oil or cocoa butter. It’s all good. If all you have is salted butter that’s fine too. It will just taste a bit saltier, that’s all.
  2. Heat the water into boiling degree and keep it there for 30 minutes or so. This will “decarboxylate” the THC into human digestible form. No need to put the weed into oven before hand. 30 minutes is simply a recommendation, if you don’t have much time, even 5 minutes will do the trick but the longer the better.
  3. Pour it into a cup; strain if you want, but since weed is edible it’s not really even necessary. Just chew the bigger chunks up. spice it up with green tea and sweeten with honey. Just my recommendations to make it tastier, but you could literally add anything like ginger or milk. Go with your gut feeling.

You can use any part of the weed; buds, leafs, stems. Just chuck it in there. Also, grind them up, it should help the solubility and palatability if you choose not to strain the water later.

Oh and a necessary word of caution. Depending on the dose, this can be super potent. Edibles will take time to hit you; anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes or even more. I was tripping for at least six hours after it hit me. It was a stronger set for me than 1.5 grams of mushrooms, but then again my tolerance is low as well. Always remember set and setting. Happy tripping, folks! Take it easy, but take it!

What are the effects of weed tea?

Since weed tea is basically an edible, the effects are the same as consuming the same amount of the same strain via other edible methods. It can take about 30 to 90 minutes for the full effects of weed tea’s THC to kick in, but the actual onset you can expect depends on a variety of factors, including the makeup of your endocannabinoid system and other health factors. 

It’s important to dose in moderation, follow the “start low, go slow” adage, and wait at least two hours after consuming cannabis tea before ingesting any more. Also, as an edible, the THC in weed tea metabolizes in the liver, which transforms it into the much more potent and long-lasting 11-hydroxy-THC. The effects of weed tea typically last up to eight hours.

easiest way to make weed tea

Other weed tea recipes

Boiling your herb in hot water isn’t the only way to brew weed tea. You can also simply place cannabis butter or cannabis oil, such as infused coconut oil or products purchased directly from  a licensed dispensary, in your beverage and allow it to dissolve in the hot water. Mix infused butter or oil with a teabag of choice, allow it to steep, and enjoy it with any milk, spice, honey, or sugar you desire.

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  1. I made this tea for the first time few days ago, it tastes and smells incredible. I love the subtle, calming effect of the tea as well. Great overall.

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