Cookies and Cream Cannabis Strain

Cookies and Cream is a well-balanced 50/50 hybrid strain famous for its sweet tastes and long-lasting harmonic high. It won first prize in the High Time Cannabis Cup in 2014, becoming the best US hybrid, in recognition of its excellence. This strain is a cross between Starfighter and an unknown Girl Scout Cookies variant. Exodus Genetics are the creators of this cultivar.

The average THC concentration in the plant is 23-26%, though there is a tiny amount of CBD. It’s excellent for nighttime use since it makes you sleepy and lazy, resulting in a great, deep sleep.

Gifted with a lovely scent that brings to mind sweet vanilla, with a touch of sourness, this is yet another wonderful find for people who enjoy sweets. At the same time, when smoked, the bud provides a smooth smoke flavor profile that surprises with creamy and toast notes. Also, because the aroma is rather powerful, if you’re attempting to keep concealed it’s best to have adequate ventilation.

What is the Cookies and Cream?

Cookies and Cream is a famous cannabis strain that was first bred by Exotic Genetix, a worryingly scientific name for such a down-to-earth, homeopathic business. Cookies and Cream has a complicated genetic history, with origins in the well-known Girl Scout Cookies. Its more recent parentage comes from a loose cross between the Starfighter strain and an as-of-yet-unidentified Girl Scout Cookies phenotype.

Cookies and Cream won the first-place prize in the hybrid category of the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup, which at the time was essentially the Olympics for marijuana.

Cookies and Cream is a cross between an indica and a sativa, which gives it some versatility in terms of its effects.

Cookies and Cream is a member of the Cookies family, which means it’s one of the many descendants of the Girl Scout Cookies Strain. This confers certain qualities on Cookies and Cream, including a long backstory that’s not unlike drinking an extremely ancient scotch from a long-established brewery – it boasts history, personality, and a line of ancestry leading to the very bud you’re tasting.

Cookies and Cream Aroma

Imagine yourself getting out into a garden early in the morning. The fresh scent in the air is invigorating. Now, combine the fragrance of vanilla with that of marijuana and you’ve got one of the most fragrant cannabis strains.

Cookies and Cream Flavors

Cookies and Cream is not only as lovely to smell, but it also has a delicious flavor. The flavors of this cannabis are more mild than its name implies, yet they’re still quite rich. It’s pleasant to smoke and the nutty aftertaste makes it a pleasure to utilize thanks to its excellent taste.

Cookies and Cream Effects

What makes Cookies and Cream so unique among the hundreds of cannabis strains available on the market? Customers claim that the mental high begins with a calming. As the impact grows, focus and mood become more euphoric.

The mental high grows in intensity, but not to the level of being psychedelic. The physical body high follows, balancing out the mental high.

The Indica side of the Cookies and Cream’s balanced high brings comfort to your body without causing you to become drowsy or leaving you in a couch-lock. These well-balanced highs are what make the Cookies and Cream one of the finest hybrids on earth.

Cookies and Cream Side Effects

Cookies and Cream might exacerbate anxiety in people who suffer from anxiety disorders or have concerns. People who are predisposed to anxiousness disorder illnesses or worries, as well as those who have them, are likely to experience this. This is most likely due to an overuse of Cookies and Cream.

Aside from that, a typical negative reaction might be dry mouth and eyes, both of which are common with cannabis usage.

Cookies and Cream has a propensity to induce dry mouth, which is why it’s not advised for consumption during pregnancy. Though this is somewhat typical, especially among powerful hybrid strains, Cookies and Cream delivers the user a rather strong dry mouth that may make you pucker your lips more than you desire.

However, the unpleasantness is quickly offset by the intense surge of joy and calm that follows it, making this a quite even trade. Dizziness and dry eyes are also frequent side effects that can all be alleviated by sitting in front of a warm fireplace with a glass of water to unwind.

Cookies and Cream is a high-THC strain with no shortage of THC. Users may report feelings of anxiety and paranoia, much like many other high-THC strains.

 Medical Benefits of the Cookies and Cream Strain

There are several advantages to the Cookies and Cream strain, but it also has a drawback. This is an excellent cannabis strain for people suffering from stress. However, if you have anxiety, this is not the ideal strain for you or one with fewer trichomes.

This strain, when taken in a modest dosage, may help to reduce stress while also increasing nervousness.

Cookies and Cream’s main usefulness is its ability to aid with stress. It can help relieve chronic and sporadic stress, as well as simply make you feel better about yourself. It’s also used to treat depression and pain, although much of this is due to the THC present in it and the influence it has on the endocannabinoid system.

Although all cannabis strains containing a decent amount of THC may assist those suffering from depression and chronic pain, certain strains are better at it than others. Cookies and Cream’s combination of calmness and a high THC concentration make it ideal for treating traumatic mental diseases as well as general bodily discomfort.

Overall, the medicinal benefits of Cookies and Cream are exactly what you would expect them to be – the strain is all about relaxation, enjoyment and a great taste, so it makes sense that its principal medicinal effects are to do with mental health.

Not a lot of information is available on growing Cookies and Cream. We do know it can be grown outdoors, but it seems to thrive better indoors. It does respond well to using soil or hydroponics and by harvest time, should give a decent yield.

Cookies and Cream Strain Grow Info

The seeds may be purchased on the Internet. It isn’t a good choice for novices since the plant is difficult to grow. For example, to enable sunlight to reach the lower layers, it must be trimmed on a regular basis. The strain may be grown both inside and outside. When cultivated outside, it is necessary to have a warm and semi-humid Mediterranean climate in order for the predicted result to occur. It’s also vital to note that because of its small size, the strain is ideal for indoor cultivation. The flowering period lasts about 55-65 days.

Growing inside has several benefits, one of which is that you may give it a suitable environment in which to grow. You’ll need a lot of space if you’re going to use an indoor growing tent.

There is no written evidence, however combining the procedures of hydroponics and Sea of Green (SOG) should result in a shorter flowering period that is expected to begin in 8 weeks. You might anticipate a yield per square meter of 12 to 16 ounces during harvest. We’ve learned that, if 16 ounces are produced per plant by the time producers harv

Cookies and Cream is just another strain that lives up to its megalithic reputation – it has a distinctive and individual taste, a solid pedigree of genetics, and amazing medical and relaxation effects. The biggest disadvantage with Cookies and Cream is that it’s difficult to cultivate yourself because it may grow too tall or not at all due to bad weather conditions. If you can get your hands on some from a reputable breeder, expect a strong, sweet euphoric sensation.

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