Cannaghee: Recipes and cooking method

The step, when making canna-ghee cannot be done with butter!

Why make yourself, or your friends and family, choke down awful tasting brownies when you can make cannabis edibles which actually taste good! Butter cookies with a mild cannabis and back hint of cannabinoid spice? Oh yes! Although a heavy cannabis flavor is common with edibles, it is by no means necessary for maximum potency. Here’s one step you can take which has a few different benefits.

When you make Ghee for Canna-Ghee

You need to go the extra mile and simmer all of the remaining water from it. Why? Because water absorbs chlorophyll and fats and other un-wanted/needed plant matter. The less water we have in our fats, the cleaner and better tasting the extraction will be.

Put the ghee on the lowest setting your stove goes. All you want are micro bubbles, from the water boiling off. This should complete before the ghee starts to smell/taste burned.

What is Ghee??

Ghee is Clarified Butter. Butter is clarified by simmering. When you clarify butter, the bad fats/solids are either skimmed off or coagulate on the bottom. Ghee is the clear liquid in between the top foam and the bottom gunk. Ghee is healthy for everyone, including those who have issues with diary/lactose. Ghee absorbs a LOT of cannabinoids and (when the important step of removing water is done very little bad flavor.

When cannabinoids are mixed with a fat/oil everyone can easily digest, the cannabinoids are fully absorbed once eaten. Since ghee is easily digested/absorbed, the onset time of the cannabinoids is quicker as well. As with any edible, start with small amounts and wait 2hrs before eating more. Eating edibles with a stomach full of other foods/fats can significantly delay digestion and reaction time.

Posting on this sub after a long time. A lot of things have changed in this Sub for good. Anyway, remember the Afghan Kush I scored which was not so great. I decided to make some edibles out of that. Here’s what I did:

  1. Firstly crush out 10-12 Gm weed.
  2. Decarb- Did not have an oven so took a pan with water and placed a glass plate with the crushed weed over it, covered it with another plate and heated it for like 20 mins. The weed will turn to brownish color when its decarbed.
  3. Take another pan and add some amount of Ghee in it .Add some water too (Do not add water after heating the ghee, you will repent like me). Heat the Ghee and add the decarbed weed.
  4. Let it heat for 20-25 mins on low heat. (Ideally more than this, but I was fucking impatient). If you are heating it on water give it 40+ mins.
  5. Use a strainer to filter out the mixture in a container.
  6. Cool the mixture in fridge or normally in air.
  7. After 30 to 40 mins. The CannaGhee will be soild and ready and separated from water.
  8. Water containing dirt will be settled below the ghee so make some holes on the surface of the CannaGhee and drain the water.
  9. Mix the ghee with Nutella.
  10. Trip Hard.

Why is this not possible with butter?

Can’t I just simmer the water off and make canna-butter? No, the water removal process will make ghee out of your butter, long before all the water is removed. The higher the quality of the butter, the less water you’ll have and the better your canna-butter will taste. However, since it does still contain water, any extraction you do is going to absorb more off flavors than if you made the butter into ghee first.

This is finished Ghee

it’s a bit darker than I usually work with, but it’ll still be just fine. New stove, different temps, still getting used to it, you know?

This is Ghee with cannabis at about 230F

I wanted to make this stupid potent, so I added quite a bit of cannabis. This was pre-ground so I simply grabbed some without big stems in it. Here you can see the thermometer I used to watch the temperatures. You can see the ghee has begun to foam up just a bit again, this is normal and should stay with the ghee without being skimmed.

Decarboxylation happens

quickly at 245F, so I warm up the mixture to between 200F and 245F, let it sit for 5-6 minutes (heat off) and then begin the extraction process. In this small of a production run, a garlic press works well to press the oil out of the cannabis. Larger runs I use a potato ricer.

You can cook with the Canna-Ghee like Butter

Using the same portions as you would with butter. I recommend test batches for testing potency, you may want to substitute some non-cannabis ghee. Here’s the finished Canna-Ghee. It has a light cannabis flavor and a back hint of spicy cannabinoids, all floating on a caramel/ghee base. Perfect.

Cannaghee is the basis for many edibles and makes cannabis infusion fantastically quick and simple. This is a must-have for every marijuana chef!

900g unsalted butter
28g of finely ground, premium grade cannabis

  1. Melt the butter in a pan at a low temperature so that the butter is hot enough to boil (or you can use the *double boiler method)
  2. Froth will start forming on the surface. Remove the froth with a spoon.
  3. Continue until no more froth appears. You will be left with less butter/ghee than you started out with.
  4. While the ghee is simmering, add the cannabis bit by bit, stirring every time.
  5. Let the cannabis and ghee simmer for 1-1 ½ hours depending on the color (you’ll see the ghee turn a greenish color, but be careful not to overcook it – who likes wasted pot, right?)
  6. Strain your mix with cheesecloth and allow it to cool.
  7. Store in an airtight container, refrigerate and use within 1-1 ½ weeks at the max.

*Double Boiler Method:
This method takes a little longer but eliminates the possibility of burning your ghee. Get two vessels of progressively bigger sizes. In the bigger vessel, pour enough water so that it’s covering at least ½ an inch of the bottom of the vessel. Proceed to place the smaller vessel in the bigger one but make sure it doesn’t overflow. Then place the double boiler over low heat. Stir the ghee constantly until it is melted. You have less chance of burning your ghee this way! Note: After you’ve finished preparing your ghee, make sure you test its potency by consuming half a teaspoon at first and waiting for 1-1½ hours for the effects to kick in. 

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  1. Our techniques for clarifying butter are slightly different but I like your method too. Nicely done and thanks!

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