Cannabis-Infused Hot Chocolate Recipe

What’s more comforting than a nice hot chocolate? Not much! However, we think we’ve found one thing that may well be preferable, and even more relaxing; cannabis-infused hot chocolate.

We will warn you that cannabis hot chocolate is here to stay. Once you’ve tried it once it could become your favorite, especially if you live somewhere the evenings get cold and you just want that lovely warm comfort.

Of all the ways to consume cannabis, this is one of the most enjoyable. It may not be traditional but if you get it right then it can be very satisfying. As you will see from our weed hot chocolate recipe.

The Process

Before we actually get into the recipe, a little bit on the marijuana.

For the best cannabis-infused hot chocolate then it is not just about putting whatever weed you have in there. It’s important to know a little about strains. The staff of any cannabis dispensary will be able to help with this. You can discuss your needs and how experienced you are, plus the reasons you take marijuana. This can vary based on a number of factors. Do you need to stay alert or do you need cannabis to help get to sleep? Are you looking for pain relief? Choose appropriate marijuana and grind it before you get started with actually making the hot chocolate.

Basically, the recipe calls for making cannabis-infused milk first, and then you are going to add your chocolate.

hot chocolate pot
  1. Firstly, you need to make sure your cannabis bud has been prepared. Grind your dry bud and set it aside ready to add when needed. The first step is to put the milk and water in a saucepan and bring it to the boil. Once it has reached the point where it starts to boil, lower the temperature slightly so it is simmering but not bubbling too much. At this stage, add your cannabis to the pan. Simmer them together for around 30 minutes and make sure you are stirring every few minutes.
  2. Secondly, we need to strain the weed. You can pour the milk through a cheesecloth to do this, it will eventually go into another saucepan, but you can do it straight into a pitcher. Attach the cheesecloth and keep it in place by using a rubber band. Pour the milk straight in. This will filter out the bits of bud you don’t want. Make sure you pour slowly so you don’t lose any.
  3. Next up, pour this back into a separate saucepan (or rinse the original and use it). Add your chocolate flakes and melt them into the pan until it is warm and chocolatey. This is also the time to add other ingredients to add a little bit of variation. The amount of chocolate you add should vary depending on your taste and the size of the mug you are going to drink it out of.

Variations On Cannabis Hot Chocolate Recipe

hot chocolate pot

Things can get a bit samey. If you love weed hot chocolate you will find yourself drinking it regularly, and this is fine, but you may want to mix things up with some new flavors.

White Chocolate and Lavender

White chocolate goes fantastically with lavender, one benefit of this recipe is the fact that lavender can also make you sleepy, this can mean that it is far easier to drift off after your hot chocolate.

Dark Chocolate and Chili

Some people are very confused when they hear the idea of chili powder being added to hot chocolate, but it tastes great. It can give a kick to the flavor and add some interesting flavors, especially when used with dark chocolate. You’ll have to trust us on this one!

Milk Chocolate and Mint

Mint freshens you up and sharpens the senses. It has a fantastic taste when combined with chocolate, especially milk chocolate. You may have had an after-dinner mint with chocolate before, and if you have, you will have some idea of this taste.

Milk Chocolate and Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of those tastes people either love or hate. If you are looking for something to give a festive feel to your hot chocolate then you probably won’t find anything better than a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled in with it. This works well with all different types of chocolate.

The great thing about all of these recipes for weed hot chocolate is that once you know how to make the milk, you can experiment with your own favorites and new and interesting recipe variations! Happy drinking!

With winter season fast approaching, and each night getting colder than the previous one, it’s time to conjure up a drink that will not only warm us up but keep us high at the same time. This hot cocoa is so exquisite and packs so much of a punch that it will get you through any night, be it stormy, freezing or lonely. It’s delicious, steaming hot and boasts of a warmth factor that no other drink has. You can prepare this delicious brew at home in no time. Also, it’s easy to make and doesn’t require too many ingredients. Try it once and we are sure you’ll be making it again.


  • chocolate sauce
  • whole milk
  • the bud

Kitchen equipment

  • grinder
  • cheesecloth
  • sauce pan
  • pitcher
  • rubber band
  • mug


Pour ½ quart of whole milk into the sauce pan and bring to boil.

Grind the bud in the grinder and add it to the boiling milk.

Simmer for thirty minutes or so and remember to stir the mixture often.

Next, place the cheesecloth on the pitcher and secure it firmly to the rim using a rubber band. This will give the cheesecloth enough stability to strain the milk.

Once the cheesecloth is secured, slowly pour the milk through it into the pitcher. The cheesecloth will act as a strainer.

Fill the mug with the strained milk and pour chocolate sauce into it. Stir and serve hot. Your steaming cup of cocoa hot pot is ready.

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  1. Amazing! Sleep like a baby after a mug of cocoa and a bathtime melt. Just what I need to get through a cold afternoon. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Trippy Terpenes

    Hi there. I have a tilray thc25 extract, can i use it for a hot chocolate or cookies? It should work it’s oil based…

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