Scientists named the cannabis flower delivery for using marijuana

cannabis flower deliveryScientists have identified the main reason for the use of marijuana
According to American researchers, a depressed state encourages a person to use marijuana. Scientists believe that this psychological dependency can be a problem.

The "insidiousness" of marijuana is psychological dependence on it. Being in a depressed state, it is difficult for a person to refuse to use this psychotropic drug.

Forty young Americans aged 15 to 24 years took part in the survey. They had used marijuana several times a week. Each of the participants received a special sensor, and when they signaled, they had to tell about their well-being. The young people also needed to report on their use of marijuana. The total number of reports analysed was 3,600.

cannabis flower deliveryIn the vast majority of cases, the use of marijuana was preceded by a bad mood. Other factors, such as the availability of a psychotropic drug or the presence of friends, did not have such a significant effect. Thus, scientists have once again proved that marijuana can be addictive.

The study itself has already been called "unique" because all the data were collected in the present time. The fact is that most of these studies involve reconstruction by surveys. This is what distinguishes a new study from many others like it.

The authors also gave some recommendations to social workers. For example, they have advised them to teach their patients to look for alternative methods of fighting bad moods without resorting to marijuana. 

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