Blue God Indica Weed

The Blue God Indica is a Cannabis Cup winner bred from God Blue and Blueberry, both of which have previously won accolades. This largely Indica hybrid has a fruity blueberry-like scent that is sweet and earthy in nature. When exhaled, the harsh, coughing-inducing smoke leaves an unpleasant berry aftertaste on the tongue. It placed fourth at Culture Toker’s Bowl in 2002. If you’d like to buy Blue God Weed use our weed delivery toronto to your home.

According to legend, the Blue God Indica strain was named after a Hindu god. Customers are stunned by the intense high, which is both sedative and psychedelic in nature. It gradually takes control of the body, wrapping it in a psychedelically trippy sensation that goes from head to toes. The environment’s focus shifts, attention wanders away, and users enter a pleasant, restful euphoria. Users like watching trippy films or listening to music while falling asleep because it helps them relax their muscles and joints when they fall asleep.

Blue God Indica marijuana, like other indica strains, is highly regarded for its therapeutic effects. The typical THC concentration is about 20 percent, and it’s used to treat everything from severe aches to sadness, tension, anxiety, and paranoia. It’s supposed to help with migraines and arthritis when nausea and headaches are taken into account. These little and bushy Indica plants yield tiny seeds that may be ordered online.

Although many people believe it to be a mix of its parents’ names, we feel that it is merely a coincidence. Is it also feasible that there is a god-ordained cause for this?

The color blue is connected with Lord Shiva, too. It appears that no other deity has a shade or hue of blue like Lord Shiva’s. His hair and beard are bluish-gray in tone, as well. The eyes have a faint tint of bluish-green about them, making them seem more appealing. The Blue God Indica strain can provide the same enticing effects as the deity.

The Blue God Indica is a mythical marijuana strain. It’s one of the few types that has the same genealogy as Blue God Indica. Both of its parents have won honors, which experts believe are among the finest in the world. In 2004, both were previous winners of High Times’ Cannabis Cup Indica category, winning the crown in 2004. In 2000, Blueberry was named the Indica category winner with a strain called Blueberry. In 2004, Blueberry chose the overall best strain. The crossing of two well-known strains resulted in the creation of the Blue God Indica Indica. Despite its lack of success compared to its parents, it acquitted itself nicely in the 2002 Culture Toker’s Bowl.


The physical Blue Gott strain is an Indica, and as a result, its affects are distinct. It does, however, deliver a minor mental high. A feeling of euphoria and, in some circumstances, even tingling are among the associated side effects.

The pleasant mental high is soon replaced by a numbing physical high, which spreads throughout the body. A sense of calm washes over users. Users quickly fall asleep as well.

The Blue God Indica is blessed with sacred qualities that should not be taken lightly by users. As a result, you’re dazed and immobile on the couch.


This plant has a pungent smell. It also picked up the lovely scent from its ancestors, which adds to the earthy aroma. As a result, it receives a pleasant blueberry fragrance and an herbal undertone to go with its earthy character.


A gorgeous-smelling plant must also have delicious tastes. Blue God Indica is not the only strain that fulfills this requirement. Users enjoy a sweet and delicious blueberry taste, which dominates and stimulates their taste buds.

Adverse reactions

According to certain ancient Greeks, it was possible that pissing off the gods would result in lightning striking the offenders. Fortunately, Blue God Indica is one of the more pleasant gods; thus, negative reactions are not anticipated. It induces a dry mouth and eyes in users.

Dizziness, headaches, and a sense of dread are some of the symptoms. These responses are generally due to surpassing one’s own tolerance level in most cases. Blue God Indica is a strong strain, therefore new users should start with a different variety or use it in tiny amounts every time they consume marijuana.


The aroma and flavor of this cannabis strain is uplifting, encouraging, and relaxing. It’s especially popular among recreational marijuana users who use it to relieve pain and aches. It also aids in the reduction of stress, which has a soothing effect.

In the early evening, when most people are relaxing and stress-free, they’re much more likely to fall asleep. As a result, insomnia sufferers would benefit from melatonin’s ability to put them to sleep.

Some people have also claimed to be hungry. On one hand, it appears to assist those who require assistance in rousing their appetite. But getting up and looking for food might be tough when one is feeling joyful and at ease on the sofa or in bed.


It’s fantastic to have the ability to grow marijuana. Even better, start planting one or two right now. Blue God Indica, like many other cannabis strains, thrives in both an outside and an inside environment using dirt or hydroponics. Of course, we recommend growing hydroponically to reduce the time it takes for plants to mature. It likes a Mediterranean-style climate or a warmer one regardless of whether it is grown outside or not.

Purple Candy is a popular strain of cannabis that has wide, dense buds that become more purple as they mature. One approach to achieve the purple tint is to move the plant to a cooler environment just before it begins to flower. This strain is easy to grow, making it an ideal candidate for novices who are learning how to grow marijuana.



The Blue God Indica strain is an effective, quick-flowering (8 weeks) indica with a high yield per square foot. It has a short flowering time, which may be as early as 8 weeks. After months of care, harvesting 14 to 18 ounces was an extremely gratifying reward.


Blue God Indica is a short-lived, high-THC strain that grows to a height of up to 12 feet. It should be ready for harvest in the first weeks of October if kept indoors throughout the summer and can grow to a height of up to 12 feet tall. Each plant is likely to yield at least 18 ounces.

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