Beyond the Global Marijuana March: Re-Legalization

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Printing and Distributing MERP Mini-Flyers I see the 2009 Global Marijuana March as the launching point for a unrelenting international campaign to Re-Legalize the Untaxed and Unregulated Cultivation of Marijuana under what is know as the MERP Model. The MERP Model is a much better solution than Marijuana Prohibition, the Medical Marijuana Model, or the worst model of them all: a model under which Marijuana is highly taxed and regulated. This is the 5th part of the video series: An Overview of the MERP Model for Marijuana Re-Legalization” You can watch the full series of videos in this series by going to the following link and learn how you can help us Re-Legalize Marijuana in 2009 by pressuring your Federal House and Senate Representatives. While you an only watch the video in English I have posted the text of the video on a page that can translate the text into ANY language. Its funny to click on various languages and see the text become absolutely messed up. Try Chinese for example. At any rate I’m going to be sending this to Dana Beal (Million Marijuana March; Global Marijuana March) in hopes that groups throughout the planet will make the MERP Model their model of choice when they celebrate this event on the first Saturday in May. Please distribute the link as far and wide as humanly possible. Lets put an end to Marijuana Prohibition in 2009. Enough with the compromised solutions of the “moneyed” drug reform organizations

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15 Responses to “Beyond the Global Marijuana March: Re-Legalization”

  • crazyownage009:

    yes you are correct Fidollayoubuy… all marijuana users rape murder and worship the devil. on a serious note, stop being so ignorant.
    -Legalize in 2009!

  • bcainw:

    That was funny and I hope was all in jest. For if what you were saying was true that would mean that Bush, Clinton and Obama are devil supporters. Hmmmm?

  • fuckinghellyoutwat:

    i’m sorry, does that mean, “what the fuck” or “the fuck i am”?

  • Fidollayoubuy:

    The FUCK?!

  • fuckinghellyoutwat:

    you’re being ironic right?

  • SiCoFgOvErNmEnT:

    CHILL** THE ((BEEP)) OUT!! NOT KILL. My bad.

  • SiCoFgOvErNmEnT:

    AMEN TO THAT!!! Educate our friends and family no matter the ignorance! The fact is propaganda is still running rapid! Did you know that prohibition was fueled by racism?! I didn’t know that until a couple days ago, but it makes perfect sense!! People WHITE PEOPLE IGNORANT PEOPLE! I’m so glad I didn’t live back than, but anyway… They didn’t really understand, and it was mainly smoked by indians/mexicans/and blacks… That’s how it got the DEVIL WARSHIPPING LABEL ON IT!

  • SiCoFgOvErNmEnT:

    WTF ARE YOU SMOKING?! GIVE ME SOME~! GET A LIFE PAL! Your on the minority and you know it!!! That’s why your mad, but you should educate yourself foo! I don’t know anyone that warships the devil! YOU ARE CRAZY! YOU NEED HELP GO GET IT! Smoke a joint and kill the ((BEEP)) out!

  • Fidollayoubuy:

    Listen to all you pot heads. I see you walking like zombies around my town, stealing, raping, and murdering in order to drink our blood and get their next marijuana fix. If marijuana doesn’t cause violence than why do so many marijuana users support the devil and the gothic culture. All goths believe in human sacrifice and violence, so do all pot users. You can argue that marijuana has never killed anyone, but that’s simply not true. Thousands of murders are committed each day by fiends like you

  • demondoman:

    One love!! , Spread de Herb!

  • edward944:

    Stop wishing and get up and help us,Time for talking is over! WE all need to get out in the field and show the people the truth

  • mariposahd2:

    this guys great. the bird cracked me up at times no doubt.

    free the weeds.

    free cannabis and hemp!

  • Louis69:

    Problem is that those in charge don’t have the common sense to see that making it legal is the best thing to do for the world. Its a sad thing really.

  • winstonmatthews:

    Cannabis is a global issue, and together we can get change!

  • NewRisingSong:

    I wish this will become true. Free the plant!

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