EASY HASH! Agricultural Pollen Extractor used with medicinal marijuana trimmings

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This is a video of the APE agricultural pollen extractor being dry sift hash machine used in a medical marijuana grow op. The trimmings are put into the barrel and sifted for their potency, with almost no damage done to the leaf. No more hand sifting! The APE agricultural pollen extractor is by far the most productive method I have employed for making concentrates from my trimmings. I am getting dry hash (kif) of the same potency I get from the my bubble bags, but waay more quantity. the site, www.agriculturalpollenextractor.com Enjoy!

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25 Responses to “EASY HASH! Agricultural Pollen Extractor used with medicinal marijuana trimmings”

  • bonghaul:

    whats the name of the song dude??

  • sheemsheem:

    I like the shitty kieph that is green “phor cooking”…and the pure is phor smoke…..nice comments

  • termites4000:

    holy shit. i want that machine…and buds to put in it, but first please legalize

  • l235n3p5:

    am i fucking stoned or did 1:20 sync

  • bladrunr66:

    Most annoying song ever…..good video though. 4-8 hours WTF?

  • Volcomhula:

    @zlessley Im not sure exactly why, but i feel like you probably have a bigg ass annoying looking pumpkin head

  • zlessley:

    @Volcomhula C unt

  • Volcomhula:


    Stupid ass

  • Volcomhula:


  • OregonChronicFarmer:

    lol, i keep going back to aqualab just to find the link to this vid. great song to blaze out to.

  • cotequadsport:

    @cotequadsport actually i pay bank for soil and nutrients. i dont need to buy weed i grow it

  • zlessley:

    @cotequadsport and you pay bank for shitty weed… I’d rather be a faggot.

  • cotequadsport:

    @zlessley your a fucking faggot

  • 420scarecrowhigh:

    some people have all the luck

  • zlessley:

    @slugbus Yeah, my momma IS proud of me :) She really digs my hard candies.

  • zlessley:

    @Volcomhula No worries, just trying to help out.. and yeah, I’m super detailed when it comes to trimming.. usually you don’t see leaf on certain varieties like querkle or Deep Purple X Bubba Kush..

  • Volcomhula:

    @zlessley Totally radical. I can tell your really proud of your trimming. I bet your super duper fast and perfect. I get the feeling you may resemble T1000 when you cut?

    let me explain a few things to you..

    this video wasn’t made to impress you or anybody trolling around the internet with the trimming being done.

    You will never convince me to buy those scissors. In the end scissors are about preference. 45+ plus commercial crops, hundreds of hours of trimming and ive made my decision.

  • zlessley:

    @Volcomhula see, that’s just it, I can sit down and pretty quickly and efficiently give a SUPER tight trim. The fact that they’re expensive is trumped by the fact that they pretty much CAN’T get dull; they’re tungsten carbide!

  • Volcomhula:

    @zlessley hahaha none taken.. You can tell the hours of trimming were wearing on. Dr. Slicks are cool. really expensive and they dont have much blade length so I just go with hair trimming scissors most the time

  • zlessley:

    Oh, and whoever’s doing the trimming… get the 3.5″ tungsten carbide scissors from Dr. Slick. You can get a LOT closer and do it much more quickly. No offense but that was the WORST trim job I have ever seen.

  • zlessley:

    @Volcomhula I’m only 21, but I’m going with thiiiisguyy, I’m a caregiver and thus process quite a bit of bud and hash. I’ve used everything from spoons to washing machines to make bubble hash . Trust me, even a power drill with a paint mixer attachment gets REALLY old, REALLY quickly. I’ve got plenty strong arms but if you’re the type that would use this thing regularly, you can probably afford to throw down the cash to save yourself a crapload of work. This appeals to me cuz it’s light

  • ihittys:

    what the fuck… so much keif… email me some so i can smoke it…

  • Volcomhula:

    @ICLiiX Dr. Rock On (E-Roc)

  • ICLiiX:

    song name please?

  • Volcomhula:

    @thiiiisguyy No, Im implying your lack of age is accompanied with lack of experience and knowledge. Youre behind your keyboard looking to argue but you know nothing on the subject matter. Your plebeian mind is not a formattable opponent to mentally arm wrestle with me.

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